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Alright it's time for a second MML challenge. Royaken and Gi Nattak have worked on the famous Street Fighter II song that most people know. Now it's time to vote for which version of Guile's Theme you prefer and you may post your comments as well!

The poll is public and will be open for 2 weeks!

Royaken's Version&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspGi Nattak's Version
[Image: guile.jpg]


Out of these Relics, which one would you want to have the most?:

Sprint Shoes - run twice as fast as everyone else, a cop's nightmare.
Cherub Down - float around and kill it at Halloween parties.
Ribbon - never get sick again!
Muscle Belt - survive a car/train/plane crash if need be.
Back Guard - a must have for those scary times in jail.
Zephyr Cape - become a dodgeball God!
Exp. Egg - become wise about life twice as fast as others.
True Knight - protect your friends from getting beat up.
Atlas Armlet - become a fighting machine.
Sneak Ring - allows you to shoplift from Walmart much easier.
Dragoon Boots - ever wish you could slam dunk? Or jump to the top of buildings?
Tintinabar - you know that expression after taking damage, "walk it off"? This would sure help.


If you had a "RL" (real life) job in FF6, what would it be? Explain why if you'd like.


Which out of these awesome lovable creatures would you most like to have as a pet, and why?

1) Intercepter - FF6
[Image: interceptor_preview.jpg]

2) Yoshi - Mario Series
[Image: yoshi_sprite_v2_by_blaze33193-d317hkt.png]

3) Nall - Lunar: The Silver Star
[Image: nall.png]

4) Flammie - Secret of Mana
[Image: file.php?avatar=7840.gif]

5) Charmander - Pokemon
[Image: charmander.png]

6) Epona - Zelda Series
[Image: 160px-Adult_Epona.png]

7) Chocobo - FF Series
[Image: chocobo.thumbnail.png]

8) Ecco - Ecco the Dolphin
[Image: mzl.qxezotqt.175x175-75.jpg]

9) "Baby" Metroid - Super Metroid
[Image: imgshk.png]

10) Prinny - Disgaea
[Image: about_pri2.png]

11) Rush - Megaman Series
[Image: Megaman_RushSprite.gif]

12) Rambi - Donkey Kong Country
[Image: Rambi.gif]

13) Lufia 2 - Foomy
[Image: Foomy_by_metaly.jpg]

14) DOg - Half Life 2
[Image: half_life_2_dog_by_pepsisky-d3bcvlm.jpg]

15) Alfador - Chrono Trigger
[Image: alfador_by_galindorf-d32n0b3.jpg]


A new sub forum for music hacking is up!
For members only. You can submit music/song hack(s) to the site's database.
They must be good quality, will be reviewed by staff.

Check this link for detailed info about submission:

More songs will be added soon!


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