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Return of the Dark Sorcerer
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Magitek Research Facility
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Magitek Research Facility
NPC Event Bit List

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Opera House Rehearsal Room
Music Promotion Thread?

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Dragons' Den
Antinomia: FF6

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Magitek Research Facility
Espers teaching Stat gains

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Magitek Research Facility
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Forum Announcements

[Image: a1y0LS1.png]

The sixth stream hosted by @B-Run will take place Thursday, May 12th from 9:30 - 11:00 PM EST [UTC -5:00]. If you are unsure of the precise time because of your timezone, there's an official counter here.

Stream address: https://www.twitch.tv/b_run_

It's still not defined what the next stream topics will be. B-Run probably has an idea but nothing official has been announced.

The stream will also be recorded to be put on the FF6hacking.com Youtube channel later for those who can't check the stream live.


Just a notice that I'll be closing the forum for a small MyBB update this evening at 7:00pm EST. Hopefully not too much downtime, I consider I should be done in an hour if everything goes well.

It's mainly a bugfix upgrade, no new shiny features and the bugs that are my creation and are still not fixed will still be there. Hit 

While I post about bugs, does anyone still have problems deleting pms from their inbox?

[Image: officespaceupgrade.jpg]


[Image: kiPIrPd.png]

The Wiki has been installled an is up and running!

Right now there's is not much to show and tweaking is still neccesary, but the basic installation is done. I have imported in a bulk active users (with more than 5 posts) so they can login to the wiki. However the forum password will not work. A automatic generated temp password has been sent to all these users. If you wish do not wish to keep your wiki account, you can notify me by pm or log in to the wiki and delete your account. Right now wiki registrations are close, if everything goes well, we should be able to open them in a relative short period of time. Right now, unregisted people can only view the wiki.

All the imported users from the forum have the publisher group permissions, meaning they can edit, create, delete, upload and approve content. We'll see if having a decent base to start will gets things running, I imported more than 80 users. Any content edited or created needs approval from 1 publisher, meaning you can create or edit a page and approve your own stuff. Future users might be placed in a more restrictive group for their first few edits.

If you did not receive a email or think I forgot you, send me a pm or email if you want a user created.

Among the content that would be interesting seeing are spritesheets, tutorials of all sort, ROM hacking FAQ, newbie FAQ, game data/code, hack list, patch list, hack review/walkthrough, tool list, links or anything you think is relevant. Right now I've only created two pages in a "ff3" and "ff6a" namespace. I suggest you read the dokuwiki documentation for all functionalities or if you got interrogations. There is no real layout on how we want the wiki as long as it is organized.

Let's hope that with time it grows into a useful resource!


[Image: matrix.png]
<br />
<br />
<br />
FF6hacking.com is seeking an Operator to help decryption of the Matrix and eventually working on verifying the hypothesis that the real world is just another matrix set by the Architect for those who refuse the first one...

Seriously we are seeking help with the forum coding. I'm the only one who can work with the templates, PHP and CSS files and am posting this announcement because I'd like to spare some free time on my projects and there is too much to do on the forum because it was neglected for a very long time. The person must have a minimum web pages coding experience (on his own or because of his daytime job). More precisely the candidate would work first on one project with me. The person should stick until the base of the first project is done, otherwise it's pretty useless to apply. If the candidate wants to stick longer, he could work on project #2, #3, #4 or #5 also in tandem with me but with a bigger autonomy hopefully.

What you would not do: moderation or anything not involving CSS, HTML, template or PHP coding. It's obviously not a paid position. It might be temporary or more long term, this depends of how long the person wants to stick with us but on an infinite timeline we will run out of coding projects eventually. Smile

Please share this info with people who you might think would be interested if you know any! You can send me a pm with your skills/experience if you are interested or post in the thread. I will not choose anyone until March 1st. If at that date nobody applied I will choose the first person that has the basic required skills. This offer is available as long as nobody is selected or until I've got most of the work covered myself, in a distant future...

<br />
Possible Projects:

1) Implementing a mobile theme (Install and tweak MyBB-GoMobile)
2) Random FFIX theme (main theme) tweaks for different functionalities.
3) Work on the submission system (PHP knowledge required)
4) Museum coding (still to be defined)
5) Add user customization options for the main theme (PHP knowledge required).

<br />
Skills researched


- HTML knowledge
- CSS (basic/good knowledge)
- Minimum Skype availability (or other chat engine)

<br />
Extra (not mandatory but will help you):

- Javascript (basic knowledge)
- PHP (basic/good knowledge)
- MyBB engine structure (templates knowledge)
- Good web coding practices (e.g. Bootstrap framework knowledge)
- Any other programming experience
- Final Fantasy love in general

Posted by: madsiur - Forum: Announcements

For archival / documentation purpose and because we love FF6, we're most likely going to set up a forum page that is sort of a FF6 virtual museum. The idea is not 100% hacking related but is interesting nonetheless.

While we can do research online, sometime people found stuff it's hard to get with simple searches, so we are asking you to post links or send files through pm that pertain to all FF6 versions and hacks (FF3us, FF6j, FF6 Advance and Steam release). If you send / post an image, it would be preferable it is in hi-quality (original jpeg, jpg or vector image though if only small png format available we'll use that). Here's a list of the content we are looking for, but it could be material if it is relevant to the purpose of the museum.

If you think you send a file with possible copyrighted content (see categories with *) or content hosted on another website (as an example an OCremix), please send a link to the file via pm or post the link of the file where it pertains (as an example the OCremix webpage link). We might have to ask permission to host some content so we'd like to know where the file originated from. TL;DR; don't break copyright laws unless you send the said content via pm. 

We really hope people will help setting up this page. I'll update this post with content as people submit send stuff. I personally have a lot of stuff regarding FF6 and I'll update this post with my content probably in the next days, but having / finding most really interesting stuff is a big task for a man alone. Everyone has probably interesting links or content in mind or bookmarked, it's a matter of participating and building something up that stands out. There is no deadline, I might also set up the page when enough material will be collected and allow link / content submission indefinitely.


Possible Content:

  • Cart labels (official / custom / hacks)
  • Cart boxes (official / custom / hacks)
  • Logos (official / unnoficial / hacks)
  • Official / Unofficial merchandise pictures
  • Relevant videos (links or files, no Youtube LP please)
  • Official art (or as an example unnoficial Amano art pertaining to FF6)
  • Interviews mentionning FF6 with translators / developpers or FF6 hackers / ROM hacker interviews
  • Books (PDF / epub) *
  • Manuals (PDF / epub?) *
  • Posters (PDF or image)
  • Complete Walkthroughs (Official / Unofficial / Hacks. Excluding GameFAQ links)
  • Hard to find unofficial music / remixes (Should be files like mp3, midi, ogg and flac or link to these files excluding low quality YT videos and excluding any official CD release) *
  • Pixel art (Unnoficial FF6 style custom monsters, spite, backgrounds, object or other relevant art, excluding original pixel art we can find everywhere or custom sprites posted in threads or hosted on ff6hacking.com in the previous database).
  • Animated GIF images (excluding as an example random 5 seconds GIFs of vanilla playthrough, though Sabin suplexing the train has a place in a museum I think Tongue)
  • Font files (TTF)
  • Other relevant art, images, pictures, links or other files pertaining to FF6 or FF6 hacks**
**Excluding most of the stuff found on Tumblr or Deviant Art as an example unless it fits in others categories mentioned in the list. There is thousands off FF6 art images more or less good and at some point it's too much to have a only interesting content if we host them all. If you think something really stands out, post it / send it and we'll judge it. Excluding also links to ROMs, original or custom cart selling links (not relevant at all) or links to ROM hacks or patches (only if a very rare hack / patch not found elsewhere. We all know RHDN or Slick PRoductions).

Content Found so far Frog

Sound / Music
  • FF3us sound effects (WAV)
  • Bunch of Fan remixes / cover from real albums but not published by SE or Major Studios
  • Overlooked FF6 remixes (OCremix spoof remixes) (1)
  • Some underground chiptune remixes
  • vgmusic.com FF6 midi collection (1)
  • Armovil hack (Beta)
  • Children of Vector demo
  • FF3us Prototype ROM (SFC)
  • about 20+ translations (not sure if relevant) (2)
  • about 10 spoof hacks, each more obscur than the other (2)
  • at least 30 custom bosses hacks or hacks created prior to 2008 I'd say (not sure if relevant) (2)
  • All of official Amano's art
  • Yoshitaka Amano - Final Fantasy Japan scans (3)
  • PSX intro drawing scans (comics strips used to plan the CGI)
  • About 20 nice prints found in various places New
Scans /Screenshots
  • FF Anthology (case (front/back), CD, booklet (PDF))
  • FF3us (Box (front/back/"3D"), cart, maps (PDF), booklet (PDF))
  • FF6J (Box front (JPEG)) Missing bunch of stuff!
  • FF6 Advance (U) (Box (front/back), cart) Missing booklet!
  • N64 FF6 tech demo official screenshots
  • PSX intro official screenshots
  • Custom SNES cart labels (PNG) (Made by James McPhee)
  • More maps New
  • FF6 Monopoly New
  • Playing card Deck New
Books / Manuals / Strategy Guides (PDF)
  • Complete FF III Forbidden Game Secrets (3)
  • BradyGames - FF Anthology (3)
  • Final Fantasy III - Players Guide (PDF & CBZ formats) (3)
  • Nintendo Power issues featuring FF3us with a main article (issues 65, 66 & 67) (CBR format) (3)
  • Final Fantasy III FWAQ New
Articles / Web Pages
Videos New

(1) Shall we ask the original hoster for permission?
(2) Most of the hacks are hard to find but most of them are of poor quality I believe
(3)  Are we breaking any copyright law ? (overpassing the "fair use" concept in the law in which as an example hack patches are)


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