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RotDS v2.9.9 download

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Hack updated to v2.9.5:

- fixed a possible issue where a seemingly invisible character would show up in the shop menus.
- fixed a possible vanilla issue during the IAF battle where the menu could open after dying instead of it going straight to the game over screen.
- removed a mysterious door opening sound (vanilla thing) after you choose your party on the wob airship.
- made Grimer monster absorb poison.
- corrected an unsynced track in FF7 You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet.
- corrected an unsynced track in Electric Dreams Madeline's Theme.
- fixed a bunch of panning issues with Secret of Mana songs on soundtrack a.
- improved song: Aaron Walz The Time Has Come.
- replaced song: FF9 Black Waltz with a more accurate version.
- added a 'remove splash screen' optional patch.
- added a bunch more optional song patches.

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.
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  • jack5881 (08-25-2023)

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Hack updated to v2.9.6:

- fixed a broken strings track in Z3 Death Mountain song.
- corrected octaves on two tracks in Cry-A-Live. (thanks to h.carrell for noticing this)
- corrected a small graphical issue with the bird in Zozo.
- corrected one line of dialog.
- adjusted the reverb in many songs.

Very small update, I couldn't live the couple song blunders.

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.

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Hack updated to v2.9.7:

- reverted Cloud's custom pose used in Omnislash introduced in v2.9.3 because it conflicts with the extended palette hack, which effected a couple characters, and the Varia Suit. If you have save data already on version 2.9.3-2.9.6, you can press a button combo while in the menu to refresh the sprites: hold down the L and R buttons, and press SELECT. You should hear a chime sound and this will clear the cache. Or you can use the optional patch that removes the suit gfx change.
- the above fix also corrected an oversight with another character having a strange pose when they used Omnislash.
- fixed an ancient bug where Golbez would seemingly unlearn his Fireball and/or Spark spells.
- fixed a bug with a formation in Kefka's Tower that would cause the game to freeze if enough time passed.
- fixed a bug with a random letter being placed before the 'Can't equip!' text in the esper menu, when trying to equip a non-equippable esper.
- fixed a mistake of a bridge piece missing once the map refreshed in the cave to the Sealed Gate.
- fixed a vanilla bug with Morph and the Gem Box, where the character would take an extra step forward. (credit to CDude)
- updated Status Icon Overflow patch by SilentEnigma to v1.2 which fixes a visual bug in the menu.
- applied 'Morph Mayhem' patch by Leet Sketcher, which fixes some potential exploits with Quick and the Morph gauge that can cause the infamous permanent-morph bug. (thanks to Madsiur for getting it to work for RotDS)
- got the 'Mastered Esper' star icons yellow-colored instead of white, with a better star icon. (credit to Ryo_Hazuki and gens)
- changed a couple item icons.
- changed the 'weapon addition magic' for almost all of the weapons that can proc spells, from 1/4th to 1/8th chance of proccing, except for rods (besides the Serpent Rod) which are still 1/4th.
- renamed the monster spell 'Freeze' to 'Frozen Tomb', so it no longer shares a name with the black magic spell.
- increased learning rate of Sylph's Raise from 2% to 3%, and Purify from 4% to 5%.
- increased learning rate of Odin's Holy and Bahamut's Flare from 1% to 2%
- nerfed some of Reaper's 'multiply physical damage by x amount' Souls.
- replaced Doll Astral's Chrono Helm with Vitality Cap.
- changed a couple bets-rewards in the Coliseum.
- swapped a couple treasures.
- gave the monster-in-a-box chests in the WoR art house basement the possibility of being two different formations/battles, instead of one.
- bettered the map fade-in transition when you jump into the Heartless cave, so it doesn't look all janky.
- removed the party receiving a Holy Lance after beating Alduin, and instead made it the drop.
- buffed soul eater boss script by replacing two spells.
- buffed some other late-game bosses.
- slightly nerfed the damage of some late-game weapons.
- moved Doomkaiser down in his formation mould.
- added some code that allows the ability to summon an esper when X Magic is active. (credit to Feanor)
- added optional patch: 'hold_button_to_advance_dialog' patch, which makes it so that holding the 'confirm' button, normally the 'A' button, will advance dialog text, instead of needing to press it. (credit to Feanor)

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.
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  • Gens (10-12-2023)

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Hey Just wanted to let you know your wee hack is not only being still played but has the power to move people.

When I played FF7 in um...2004 or so I was so devastated by Aerith I kept her memory card for years. It's possibly still out there somewhere. I finished the game but I never overwrote that one save.

I changed Cloud's name to Daiken( Dai means Big and Ken means sword) because I dunno I've always changed his name likely cause in FF7 he's yer man.

I kept Tifa as Tifa and absolutely love everything about their story and how it's worked into Rise. I got really emotional again avout it and I feel their story is my favourite in this delightful wee game. Tifa is also the perfect balance of a slots character. I use it a lot but she's such a powerhouse I can use her natural magic or her claws if I don wish to deal with reels.

Ir's made me want to replay FF7 again. I initially stopped playin version 1.4(?) because I had trouble with the blitz. It was actually my emulator but I wanted to thank you for making a really big effort to redo every blitz and make them easier.

I could never use Sabin much when I played as a teen because of that. 

I really appreciate all the work everyone put into this.. I think it's wonderful. I've also laughed out loud a couple of times. I don't expect it which makes the comic relief all the better.

As for Ronan, The combat upgrades you did with his brother meant that by the opera I have a team that, yes, yer script is different but I'm still travelling with a party I normally left behind before.

The only other time I I travelled with the two 'siblings' is a person online made a recast of ff6 using the same sprites and he used Terra for Edward and Relm for Sabin. a tiny bodybuilder is a lot of fun too! 

But so is a Ronan!

Anyways, Just wanted to let you know 2.97 is Fantastic.

I'm about to sneak into the Magitech Facility. 

Oh I LOVED that Joffrey and Kal DraCo were in the Opera. Nice touch with the Targaryens dancing too.
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  • Gi Nattak (12-19-2023)

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Upgraded hack to v2.9.8

- removed an insignificant patch that was causing an oddity within the configuration menu.
- resolved a menu-font issue when fighting Oboro at the Coloseum.
- corrected a grammar mistake during Avalon's dream sequence.
- renamed the Combo skill Crippling Strike to Cobra Strike.
- fixed the controller position font in the config menu to be aligned correctly. (credit to Gens and Everything)
- fixed an incorrect octave in song: SoM A Curious Happening.
- fixed a couple missing pixels on the Royal Serin optional patch.
- corrected a solo monster formation from doing pincer attacks.
- added 'skill select menu' optional patch that changes both Limit Break (Sword Tech) and Combo (Blitz) to instead be selected from a menu, like Dance. (thanks to Feanor, original patch by LightPhoenix)
- replaced two songs on 'soundtrack a', one being the WoR airship theme, the other a better version of the load screen menu song.
- added two more changed songs for 'soundtrack b'.
- added two optional song patches: FF7 Judgement Day, Super-R Type Wet as as Fish.
- upgraded Think0028's simple nATB patch to work for Active mode. (credit to C-Dude and RoSoDude)

note: everything that was previously labeled as 'header' or 'no header' is now 'h' or 'nh'.

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.
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King Lettuce The time for another update has arrived!  Victory

- bettered and replaced some monster sprites, including the Guard Scorpion, Vlakorados, the Guardian Beast (now Sanctuary Guardian), Basilisk (also from Dark Souls), Arachtron (from Doom), and more. (credit to James White)
- corrected a small oversight with Cloud's HP during his scenario.
- corrected some misinformation with the Majin Vest armor item description.
- corrected two pirate npcs from having one frame of another sprite when entering the wor airship room.
- fixed an issue with two monsters being undead but immune to death, which caused an issue.
- added a teleport point in the first room of the Phoenix Cave to get to the bottom easily once you have re-recruited Cloud.
- added a save point to the castle balcony after the Shenron battle.
- slightly nerfed a couple of Serin's Aethers.
- increased price of Holy Water item by 100, is now 900.
- prevented music from switching back during a certain event if the menu was opened.
- can no longer hire Oboro right before the Opera House event, to prevent him leaving during it.
- changed the required level to gain access to the back room in the Developers' House from 60 to 50.
- implemented 'Fair Spinning' patch, which prevents pausing during Slots. Sorry not sorry! (credit to bropedio)
- applied seibaby's 'How to make Sketch not suck' patch, which makes Sketch (Inverse) use the character's Magic stat instead of the monster's. (credit to seibaby)
- updated the unrigged slots optional patch to include a more forgiving slot reel layout. (credit to Synchysi)
- the following weapons now have a completely new graphic, made by tomilho: Vendetta, Hawk Cleaver, Zodiac Sword, Justifier. (credit to tomilho)
- gave the glove weapon-type a graphic (the metal knuckle from vanilla) instead of the empty attack.
- gave two rod-type weapons a new graphic.
- edited some weapon animation attack palettes to look better.
- Havoc Sword animation now uses the original larger Shock sword graphic again.
- fixed a bad pixel in one of the knife weapons that was sharing a piece with another weapon. (thanks to tomilho for their advancement in how weapon graphics work)
- fixed an issue with the bullets from the Blunderbuss gun weapon being transparent. (thanks to tomilho)
- fixed the CT Wormhole track to include a missing instrument. (thanks to h.carrell)
- fixed an incorrect octave in RS2 Seven Heroes Battle.
- fixed an incorrect octave and a missed snare drum hit in RSMS Prelude to Battle.
- fixed harp note length in Saga Frontier Opening of a Journey.
- fixed a triplet note issue on Treasure of the Rudras Edge of Darkness.
- fixed the channel panning on FF4 Welcome to Our Town.
- changed the main instrument in Doom Dark Halls.
- swapped a percussion instrument for Lufia 2 Battle Theme.
- made a better version of FF7 Flowers Blooming in the Church song.
- corrected a song name mistake in the music player for soundtrack b.

- extensively worked on and corrected a mistake with the final boss's AI script that was preventing it from going into another (stronger) attack pattern. This will undoubtedly make the final boss more difficult than it previously was for all difficulties.
- a few other boss buffs and nerfs, most notably the Broodfiend inside the tomb had its HP lowered a bunch, and MiaB Pazuzu HP reduced and timer increased before its big attack extended, and the Marshal got its stats nerfed more on Insane difficulty. Also Alduin (Holy Dragon) and Melzalgald had script work done to make them less tedious.

- rearranged these esper restrictions for calculated reasons:
 Oboro can no longer use Shiva
 Oboro can now use Carbuncle
 Cloud can no longer use Leviathan
 Cloud can now use Shiva
 Tifa can no longer use Carbuncle
 Tifa can now use Leviathan


So, without any future bugs that need addressing, the next version, if actual work ever starts on it, will be v3.0, and would be the 'final' version. But for now all we have is most of it all planned out... but no plans or time or motivation to begin working on it. But most likely someday that urge will strike. Currently, because the ROM is so maxed out in many ways, there's a lack of things like more unique monsters and items in order to add anything besides just event stuff... So it may not be as 'hype' a 3.0 as I'd like, but it would be nice to tie up some loose event ends, and add to/finish some character's stories better. And item & monster expansion might come to fruition, but it would require sram expansion, and probably more tedious things than simply having new items and monster to work with.

The RotDS website ( will have to have a few things updated for this version, so that will most likely be addressed before too long. Things like some changed monster names and stats, and screenshots with monster sprites that are different, for strategy guide, and the soundtracks will need re-uploading for the updated song edits.
Anyways, as always I hope enjoyment is had and thanks for playing!  Shine

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.
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