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Forum Team

Fire Storm: Site Sponsor
Fire Storm has been part of this hacking community since its beginning. He developed rapidly an interest for hacking and the people that were part of the community. After he became part of the forum staff, he became the main site sponsor and navigated through all the storms that the forum have been through. If you have a problem, he'll try at the best in his ability to help you.

B-Run: Community Enthusiast
B-Run fosters the community with streams, activities, contests, and projects. He is competent in most areas of hacking FF6 and is responsible for pioneering subjects like Sprite Expansion, Magic Expansion, and Monster AI Upgrades. Weekly on twitch.tv, B-Run streams development of his personal hack "Children of Vector" and teaches hacking concepts with a myriad of tools. He's always eager to help, so feel free to drop him a line with questions!

Gi Nattak: Music Guru
He likes dancin', ponies and... spamming the shoutbox after a few beers. His FF6 hacking strengths include creating new events, hacking in music, and releasing large bug-ridden hacks such as RotDS. He also enjoys helping out new modders and taking on apprentices, this gives him a sense of great pleasure and sustains his life force energy. He's been around the FF6 hacking scene for quite a while and can usually be found online, even if he really isn't!

JamesWhite: Sprite Guru
Passionate about many things, from drawing, 3d modeling, writing music to n64 texture modding, one of his greatest modding strengths is his ability to create sprites on demand. Wether it is monsters, characters or tilesets, James will most of the time help non-spriters to achieve their projects by being their graphic specialist. His work on RotDS is a proof of his talent. He'll also wisely judge your work and give accurate feedback so if you have a question or need a good opinion, don't hesitate to contact him!

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