FF3us Related Links

This is a link list of pages that have as a primary purpose the SNES version of FF6. For other links, you can check the links concerning FF6 Advance and GBA.

FF6 Hacking
Host of this wiki!

General ROM hacking community site that aims to bring several different areas of the ROM hacking community together. It has a large database of patches, utilities, documents and fonts.

Zophar's Domain
Once was one of the central place of ROM hacking but the activity there has declined gradually.

Insane Difficulty
Forum dedicated to difficulty hack on many systems. RotDS and Brave New world have a subforum there as well as other mods.

Slick Forums (archive.org)
Now defunct. Lots of knowledgeable FF4, FF5 and FF6 folks used to hang out there!

Mnrogar's Den Forum (archive.org)
Now defunct. A good source of info about FF3us and the place where everything started.

My Barren Webpage
Webpage of assassin, veteran hacker, that hosts many patches that are mostly bugfixes. You can also find on this site a commented C2 disassembly and other documents.

Imzogelmo's Not-Even-Penultimate ROM Resource
Here you can find patches and essential documents for event editing, such as the event dump and event commands list.

Slick Productions (archive.org)
Now defunct. Good resource for disassembly docs (bank C0, C1 and C3 most importantly). They host a variety of patches, including their Pandora's Box hack.

ZED's Unoriginal White Sheet
Host of various hacking documents and original patches. There are also FF3us documents such as the Sketch bug guide.

Leet Sketcher's Patches for Final Fantasy III/VI
Website hosting various recent bugfix patches.

SilentEnigma's Cool Things
Site of a hacker that came out of the grave. Hosts a few patches.

RPG Legion
Patches, utilities and documents like the enemy command script guide and commented C2 disassembly.

Drakkhen's Patch Pages
Host of some patches, utilities and a partial FFVI Advance ROM map.

Geiger's Crypt
Some patches, utilities and the incredible snes9x debugger.

Lord J's website
Tables, data formats and some utilities.

Hacks and utilities.

FF6 on Spriters Resource
Basically almost all the game graphics are there.

Video Games Sprites
PC, NPC, enemies and objects.

FF6 on vgmaps.com

Kwhazit Oddities
FF6j English translation page.

Lina Darkstar's Translation (Icy Forums)
Lina Darkstar's Translation forum thread. You can also download the Word document.

RPG One FF6 Translation page (archive.org)
Mainly for archival purpose of the most famous FF6j translation.

Sky Render Translation (archive.org)
He has work on the RPG One translation. You can also check his own FF6 project End of Fantasy.

Terminus Traduction FF6 translation
Most famous French translation.

Encyclopédie de FF6
French and English FF6 translation site. Last updated in 2005 and partially broken.

FF6 on DataCrystal
RHDN wiki entry on FF6.

Mnrogar's Den (archive.org)
Some documents and nice savestates stack.

FF6 on FantasyAnime
Savestates and other stuff…

Return of the Dark Sorcerer: A FFVI mod
Home of RotDS.

FF6: The Eternal Crystals
Home page of FF6:EC.

64C48C92AA64C4B87E36C5591F071DC5 (Japanese)
Shall's Blog. He is the author of the FF6j hack FF6-G, which can be found here.

FF6 T-Edition Homepage (Japanese)
Home of the famous FF6j hack. Check also the english poematocx page!

Inu's Sandbox (Japanese)
Data analyzer for FF4A, FF5A, FF6A.

ffbin@wiki (Japanese)
Japanese FF hacking page.

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