Title Description Link
ARM7TDMI Reference Official Document of Reference download
ARM Programming Techniques ARM Software Development Toolkit Document download
Tutorial drunkencoders.net tutorial download
Programming the GBA Written in 2003, not the best tutorial. Here are some reasons why. download

The most complete technical reference page. Offline version can be found here.

CowBite Virtual Hardware Specs
Another good reference page. Offline version can be found here.

Tonc v.1.4.2
The best tutorial. Well explained and accurate, it cover every aspect of GBA programming.
Source code and offline version can be found here.

Forum, utilities, demos, source code, documents.

The best toolchain for GBA.

GameBoy Advance Dev'rs
Utilities, code, documents.

Demos, utilities.

The Audio Advance
The best site for audio programming on GBA.

Deku's Sound Mixing Tutorial
A good tutorial on GBA sound.

Compression Information
GBA compression informations

Pong Tutorial
Complete tutorial to program the game Pong from start to finish.

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