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Forum Rules

1. Posting
No spamming or flooding. Meaning that you don't double-post, you don't destroy topics with unrelated or silly comments and you don't reply on your own thread to bump it up.
2. Potential Conflicts
No open fire. If you have anything against a fellow member, a mod or even an admin, discuss this privately. Do not create a ruckus among other members, and if you feel the situation cannot be worked out by yourself, contact a person in power through PM for help or advice.
3. Innapropriate Comments
No insulting. It's all fine to go head to head with each other, and if you want to call each other names that's all fine as long as it's for good fun, but as soon as somebody becomes personally insulting or someone feels insulted, it should stop. Be sure to treat each other with respect. Be aware that any sexist, racist or homophobic comment will not be tolerated, even if intended as a joke.
4. Foreign Languages
This forum is in English. Keep it that way. If you want to use a foreign language to speak to a fellow country member, do it through PM, and nowhere else. Every post must be able to be modded by every mod/admin equally. English is the language we all have in common.
5. Innapropriate Content
Don't ask or share anything illegal. No warez, appz, porn, or anything considered sick. Also, please do not ask for ROM or link a ROM file in a thread, only patches are accepted. We are aware ROM hacking/modding is in a grey zone, so please act in a way we don't fall over the line.
6. Banned Content
No disgusting or x-rated material in your signature, posts, or anywhere else while you're in the forums. Not even in spoiler tags or links. If you feel the urge to display some thing that's mildly offensive but in a silly way (PG13 content), then you can use a spoiler tag. The reason for this is that lots people view the forums in public places, and smearing offensive stuff all over the forum might alert others, physically around you, that you're nothing but trouble. Also, don't use images in your signature/avatar that clearly display signs of any group that promote hate speech towards women, immigrants, minorities, disabled and mentally disabled people.
7. Thread Titles
Create your threads with relevant titles. Don't name your thread "Help me" or "This is cool". Please name your title something that pertains to your post.
8. Signature Content
Don't use your signature space for advertising. This site exists to share your works and most importantly, to have fun doing it. We're not here to host a banner for you so you can make money. People hate ads as it is, and having it underneath postings makes the site look too cheap. You are however free to put links of personal website or other accounts you may got (GitHub, Steam, Twitch are examples).
9. Accounts
Only one account. Creating multiple accounts is against forum policy. This includes making a new account for yourself to replace a banned one. If you were banned, it was for a reason. As soon as we find out you created a new account, no matter how good you behaved during that period, you will be banned. Also, each account must be matched with only one IP. If you share your computer with someone that has an account here (ex: brother, roommate), please inform an admin via pm to not get both accounts and your IP address banned.
10. Grammar
Try typing using correct grammar. Don't use l33t talk, or anything that's found annoying by members. We understand that not everyone here speaks perfect English. However, being a forum writing skills matter, we heavily encourage that you try to spell correctly using correct grammar. It's ok to use l33t or some garbled language as a joke once in a while, but don't make it a habbit.
11. Disagreements
Don't disagree with an admin publicly. We are here to provide the best experience for you and the general public. If you have been warned/banned by an admin, and heavily disagree, please don't lash out and fight back. Contact an admin instead and discuss your issue intelligently. Remember, we are willing to work with you, if you work with us first.
12. Images Size
Keep images in your signature under 550px in width and 200px in height. Also, don't post your whole desktop in an image tag. Use common sense. We recommend of not posting anything bigger than 700x700. Images bigger than this can destroy the forum layout on a small screen.
13. Post Approval
Don't fill the staff's PM box with post approval requests. Nor may you send a PM simply asking a staff member to look at the thread, as we all know the reasoning behind that. The staff are all volunteers and will check over the registry when they get the time.
14. Text Color
Default text color is much preferred. We have some people here with color blindness, and sometimes people seem to use colors that are unreadable either way. Try to use default color as much as possible, at least around the general sections.
15. Misleading Information
Don't be negligently stupid. When we can obviously quote that you are very wrong in your statement and as a result are giving false and misleading information to others on the boards then you will be warned.
16. Adbot Threads
Do not post in Adbot threads. We currently are doing our best to prevent and moderate this problem as it occurs. If you should see a thread created by an Ad Bot, contact a mod ASAP and we will take care of that thread and that account. It is fairly obvious if an account is an Ad Bot and if a thread is an Ad thread (it usually is an account's first post and contains a multitude of links, or occasionally just one link).
17. Shoutbox
No more than 4 consecutive shouts are accepted. Also, lengthy shout are not recommended. If you feel you have a lot to say and write paragraphs in the shoutbox, you should think about creating a thread.
18. Thread Tags
Please use relevant and serious tags in your threads. The more specific the better generally. Stay away from words like "hack", "sprite" and such. Tags are meant to be complementary to default search. it would be sad to remove the feature because it is not used properly.
19. Reputation and Post Thanks
Don't beg, ask for reputation or post thanks. This is annoying and childish.
20. Mentions and alerts
Don't abuse quoting, mentioning or any action that triggers an alert to a specific user in a short period of time. Alerts are meant to notify users, not annoy them.
21. Smilies
Use smilies with moderation. One or two in a few sentence can be cool but one or two after finishing each sentence can be quite annoying. Also, some are animated or complementary, please don't try to write a graphic novel using only the smilies.

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