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Return of the Dark Sorcerer
RotDS v2.4 download

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Magitek Research Facility
NPC Event Bit List

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Magitek Research Facility
NPC Event Bit List

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Opera House Rehearsal Room
Music Promotion Thread?

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Dragons' Den
Antinomia: FF6

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Magitek Research Facility
Espers teaching Stat gains

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Magitek Research Facility
Infinite Item glitch

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[Image: banner.png]

The Sprite Database has been updated to v1.2!

This update includes most of RotDS 2.0 sprites, monsters and portraits as well as more than 57 new individual spritesheets! See the changelog.txt file for all details.


The popular FFVI hack has been updated! Version 2.0 has been worked on since February 2018. It includes many new events, sprites, dialogues, two new soundtracks and a lot more! You can see the changelog here and the readme here. There's so many new things that it should be a refreshing experience event for returning players! Thanks to everyone who is involved in the project!

[Image: 1.png] [Image: 2.png] [Image: 3.png]
[Image: 4.png] [Image: 5.png] [Image: 6.png]


Hello, everyone! I am Fire Storm, the owner of FF6Hacking.com. You don't see much of me these days, but I'm always keeping a careful eye on things. My main job is to ensure the site stays funded, and able to live on!

Normally I pay for whatever I can out of my own pocket. Recently, I renewed the domain name. However, two BIG fees are around the corner, and my wallet alone can't cover it.

The numbers aren't exact, but Hosting for the site will cost about $100, and renewing SSL certificates will cost about $87 or so. The final amount we need is about $187.87 (The goal is set at $200 so we have a little wiggle room in case this price changes or some unexpected charge comes up. 100% of your donations go to the site, not myself or anyone else.)

The due date for these renewal costs is in February, but lets try to hit the goal before then, okay?


Thank you all, and happy hacking~!

Surprised WOW OKAY, SO Landy (Landmine36) is kind of a badass. Within half an hour of the donation drive going live, he paid the entire thing off! THE GOAL HAS BEEN MET!  Surprised

Thank you so much for your contribution! FF6Hacking.com lives another year!


For our 10th anniversary we are organizing a contest. There are two themes, pick the one you prefer. First one is "How much do you like hacking FF6" and second one is "How much do you like ff6hacking.com". You submission can be anything: A small hack, a video, a song, a poem, some pixel art, a story, etc. We are trying to make the contest as open as possible to get the most participants.

Here are the rules: You can only submit something if you have more than 2 posts as of today (users with less posts can still participate but will be excluded from winning a prize). This is to make sure the contest is mainly opened to active users. You must with your submission specify which of the two theme inspired you and you must post your submission in this thread before July 19th. This is exactly one month from now.

There will be 2 prizes: the two winners get each a ff6hacking coffee mug. I will pick the two winner on July 20th and will base my choice on the originality (something standing out) and the quality (time and effort spent) of the submission. May the best submissions win!


[Image: banner.png]

The Sprite Database has been updated to v1.1!

This update include Beyond Chaos sprites, Tingle's Rotten FFVI monster sprites, RotDS portraits and more than 80 new individual sprites. See the changelog file for all details. We will be doing another update once RotDS 2.0 is out to include its spritework but for now aside portraits, we won't include the v2.0 sprites to not spoil things.



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