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Return of the Dark Sorcerer 2.0 Released - madsiur - 02-01-2020

The popular FFVI hack has been updated! Version 2.0 has been worked on since February 2018. It includes many new events, sprites, dialogues, two new soundtracks and a lot more! You can see the changelog here and the readme here. There's so many new things that it should be a refreshing experience event for returning players! Thanks to everyone who is involved in the project!

[Image: 1.png] [Image: 2.png] [Image: 3.png]
[Image: 4.png] [Image: 5.png] [Image: 6.png]

RE: Return of the Dark Sorcerer 2.0 Released - break - 02-02-2020

Awesome work everyone, saw the list of "Credits" from everyone who work on this update (on Romhacking.net).
It is amazing that over 30 people can work on and complete such a big project together !
I believe the last update I played was version 1.6.0 (back in August 2016)
Playing it really opened my mind to what is possible with ROM hacks.
Also might not have been inspired to learn more about hacking without being introduce to the trailer "Lockirby2" made back in 2014 for "Gi Nattak" YouTube channel.
Again, it has been a joy to follow how this hack has continued to elevate itself through out the years
So thank you, everyone, for your hard work and passion with this project.
I do hope someone creates a cool trailer for version 2.0 !

RE: Return of the Dark Sorcerer 2.0 Released - Seifer - 06-25-2022

Hey there can I post a patch request on here? Looking for cloud from rotds patch for vanilla game.

RE: Return of the Dark Sorcerer 2.0 Released - Gi Nattak - 06-25-2022

Hi there! Hello So who would Cloud be replacing? There is a fairly large issue with the Cloud sprite going to vanilla and that's that his palette, palette 1, while similar, is not the same as vanilla palette 1... so it will effect all the NPCs that also use palette 1, such as the soldier, merchant and others. So without recoloring them to look good again, they will look slightly jacked up. I'll attach the sprite sheet and portrait instead of a patch, so you can insert it yourself with FF3usME (sheet) and FF3SE (portrait). If this is not an option than let me know who you'd want to replace for Cloud, and just know that it will effect whichever palette that character is.

Be sure to credit ScarabEnigma for the 'Record Keeper Cloud', and James White (a.k.a. phunbaba) for the portrait, should you ever release it to the public.

RE: Return of the Dark Sorcerer 2.0 Released - Seifer - 06-30-2022

Thanks for reply nattack sent u a pm.