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Return of the Dark Sorcerer
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Magitek Research Facility
NPC Event Bit List

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Magitek Research Facility
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Opera House Rehearsal Room
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Dragons' Den
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Magitek Research Facility
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Magitek Research Facility
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[Image: ff6msu1.png]

Dancing Mad is an Open Beta mod from insidious611 to enhance the audio of FF3us. It replaces the SPC-700 based soundtrack with CD quality audio, to the exception of one music source that use MP3s. There will be 6 configurations of OST possible in the final release, 4 that can be chosen already. Here are the 4 music sources of the possible configurations:
  1. FLACs of the official FF6 OST.
  2. MP3s of FinalFanTim's "Unreleased Tracks" FFVI Remaster project.
  3. FLACs of the OCRemix Balance & Ruin remix album.
  4. FLACs of Sean Schafianski's Final Fantasy VI Remastered project.

While the project is still open beta, there are only one or two minor bugs that prevent an official final release. Recently support has been added to work with the music player patch and the TWUE hack. This project could be used as a base by any FF6 hacker that wish to have a MSU-1 version of his hack. Obviously if wish to add different songs to the game you'd have to modify the PCM songs library to match your hack but this is less more trouble than current way to do music hacking.

Official thread: http://bit.ly/ff6msu1

Download: http://bit.ly/ff6msu1-github

Demo: https://youtu.be/Cy4d5n6lHsQ


A major update to FF6: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition has been released. Corrections and fine tuning of the script were made including a new opera scene script. Some bugs were fixed, including a character walking through a wall, and the Sketch bug finally being correctly fixed. In addition, the Bug-Fixes version now includes a large list of bug fixes available that fix some of the worst bugs in the game. A Bug Fix Compendium has been added to document all of the changes and tweaks made in the game.

Some song title were also corrected in the music player. Also, to help everyone that wonders what name changes were made to items and monsters, lists are now included to give players an understanding of where the names come from.

FF6: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition is a great way to experience FF6, especially if you want your experience to be faithful to the original game while having the major corrections and overhauled script.  

Download v2.08a

[Image: twue21.png] [Image: twue22.png]


FF3 - Divergent Paths is a new hack in development for around a half year from new-to-the scene hacker PowerPanda. It is a storyline and event hack that rewrites the "3 Scenarios" chapter of the game into a more naturally-flowing story. It starts with something simple: Edgar jumps from the raft to save his brother. From there, the divergent paths of the characters tell a unified story in 3 parts, each which foreshadows future character development.

Download v1.1

SABIN and EDGAR: The brothers wash ashore next to the military camp, and witness Kefka's poisoning of Doma. They aid CYAN, and then must travel through the Phantom Forest to get to the Nikeah ferry, hoping to deliver warning to Narshe in time.

TERRA and BANON: These two are knocked off course by Ultros, and are sent over Barren Falls. They wash up on the Veldt, where they must befriend GAU and travel the Serpent Trench so that they can get TERRA to the Esper before the Empire invades.

LOCKE: Locke infiltrates South Figaro, where he meets CELES, who is defecting from the Empire. Locke must sneak CELES OUT of South Figaro and IN to Narshe to deliver information that might save the city. SHADOW tags along for reasons that he does not disclose.

The hack was written entirely in the space of the original scenarios so that it could be easily inserted into other hacks.

Development thread: https://www.ff6hacking.com/forums/thread-3486.html

[Image: dp1.png] [Image: dp2.png] [Image: dp3.png]


[Image: banner.png]

Here it is! The sprite database with all available sprites since 2009!

The "poses" and "previews" folders were generated automatically from the spritesheets in "characters" folder. If you find any author mistake, other error or if you can label the "unknow" authors, please specify it in this thread. All credit goes to spriters specified at beginning of filename and readme.txt in each folder. If you want to use a sprite, please credit the author. Some things like RotDS characters will be added next and corrections made in the future so the archive will be updated but this was enough for a version 1.0.

This was a joint effort of me, JamesWhite89 and Gi Nattak.



[Image: sprites-banner.png]

We have finished cleaning all sprite threads!

All main sprites of each thread are now uploaded on the server and sorted in the upcoming archive / backup. This was a team effort of me, Gi Nattak and JamesWhite. There are a few monster sprite threads remaining to do. The database contain so far 276 different sprites, without counting portraits! We still have unknown and old databases spritesheets to sort and label so we can't release the 2017 database / backup yet...

We already have the complete missing sprites list. There are at least 12 missing spritesheets. If you have one or many of these sprites, please post it in this thread so we can upload it and make the changes in the appropriate thread(s). Some might be forever lost but we are hoping to still rescue a few if we are lucky.

Missing Spritesheets
  1. Three DK Cecil by Titan of Ether (thread)
  2. Yoshi Sprites by Ishimaru Chiaki (thread) (found by CrumpledMedal)
  3. Toad Sprites by Ishimaru Chiaki (thread)
  4. FFT Dancer completed version by sutebenukun (thread)
  5. Claude from GTA 3 by Crumpled Medal (thread) (found by CrumpledMedal)
  6. General Kefka Uniformed version by Ghost XIII (thread)
  7. Gilgamesh spritesheet and portrait by Ghost XIII (thread) (found by Kugawattan)
  8. Dissidia Cecil by Ghost XIII (thread)
  9. RS3 Katrina by FEOK (thread) (found by Poco Loco)
  10. Talon Teaser (or complete?) by Poco Loco (thread) (Teaser found, no finish version)
  11. Gambler portrait by Jameswhite89 (thread) (found by jameswhite89)
  12. Steiner by FEOK (thread) (found by Poco Loco)


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