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[Image: k4n3Gfz.png]

We decided to changes the rules to obtain a project sub-forum. From now on, anyone can apply to get one. The admin team will analyze the hack developed and judge if it deserves its own space. Here are some guidelines to max out your chances of getting one:

1) The Project must be developed enough to have things to show and must be at least in semi-public active development. Meaning secret projects at 90% or a hack that has been started a week ago will most likely not meet one of these criteria, neither if you ask for a sub-forum after your first post.

2) The hack must have a significant amount of new content in one or more of those categories: graphics, events, AI Scripts, music, ASM changes. Using an existing patch or a Record Keeper sprite does not count as new content. I think this is our definition of a complete hack. Dialogues and other stats editable in FF3usME are excluded for the reason they are usually changed in every hack that exist .

3) The hack creator must have the intention of adding content threads to his forums. This includes but is not limited to Q&A, roster, story, statistics, background information, credits, sprite showcase threads.

If you want your own sub-forum, send us a hack demo and/or video trailer and/or text explaining your changes or just a message if you think we know already enough about the project. You can send your submission via pm to @madsiur, @Gi Nattak or @JamesWhite89. You can also send it to themadsiur(a)gmail.com.

Note 1: We reserve the right to remove or close your sub-forum after a very very long inactivity, official project giving up or if we judge the project no longer meet most of the criteria mentioned above (the situation needs to be really bad to reach that point). On project completion or after a first official release (usually 1.0, beta release(s) excluded), forum will remain open forever.

Note 2: We reserve the right to be more flexible on the guidelines mentioned above. These are guidelines, not strict rules but meeting them overall will assure you of getting a sub-forum.

Note 3: Lockirby's sub-forum has been created with the old guidelines in place, it is staying even though it does not meet the current criteria.

Posted by: madsiur - Forum: Announcements

[Image: vzbanKS.png]

We have set a new Youtube channel for the forum! We'll use it for tutorials, stream playbacks and other thing related to FF6 modding. While upload priviledges are limited to admins, we hope this will be a channel to feature and showcase the work of everyone and well as democratizing different aspect of the game modification. This is why everyone can and his encouraged to submit the following types of video to be hosted on the channel:
  • Tutorial (with comments)
  • Tutorial (with subs)
  • Full hack teaser
  • Specific hack, hack feature or patch showcase
  • Music creation (ROM hacking)
  • Sprite showcase
  • Hack review (preferably with comments)
  • Utility showcase / review / tutorial
  • Any of the above content for other Final Fantasy games or retro console RPG

What is not yet decide is if we want to host commented hack playthrough / LPs mainly because there are already many on Youtube. However if we have something well done and interesting in this category, we'll probably go with it.

We suggest for recording (other than emulator footage) to aim for 720p but nothing below 480p. We'll most likely not accept bad quality videos. If you are interested in submitting one in a near or more distant future, please send a private message to either @Gi Nattak or @Jameswhite89 with the following: link to raw / lossless video, description (mandatory) and relevant link(s) (optional). You can also send a link to a custom YT thumbnail if you want (image of 1280x720 preferably).

We are hoping this channel will grow with time and that it will become a complementary resource to the forum.


[Image: a1y0LS1.png]

The sixth stream hosted by @B-Run will take place Thursday, May 12th from 9:30 - 11:00 PM EST [UTC -5:00]. If you are unsure of the precise time because of your timezone, there's an official counter here.

Stream address: https://www.twitch.tv/b_run_

It's still not defined what the next stream topics will be. B-Run probably has an idea but nothing official has been announced.

The stream will also be recorded to be put on the FF6hacking.com Youtube channel later for those who can't check the stream live.


Just a notice that I'll be closing the forum for a small MyBB update this evening at 7:00pm EST. Hopefully not too much downtime, I consider I should be done in an hour if everything goes well.

It's mainly a bugfix upgrade, no new shiny features and the bugs that are my creation and are still not fixed will still be there. Hit 

While I post about bugs, does anyone still have problems deleting pms from their inbox?

[Image: officespaceupgrade.jpg]


[Image: kiPIrPd.png]

The Wiki has been installled an is up and running!

Right now there's is not much to show and tweaking is still neccesary, but the basic installation is done. I have imported in a bulk active users (with more than 5 posts) so they can login to the wiki. However the forum password will not work. A automatic generated temp password has been sent to all these users. If you wish do not wish to keep your wiki account, you can notify me by pm or log in to the wiki and delete your account. Right now wiki registrations are close, if everything goes well, we should be able to open them in a relative short period of time. Right now, unregisted people can only view the wiki.

All the imported users from the forum have the publisher group permissions, meaning they can edit, create, delete, upload and approve content. We'll see if having a decent base to start will gets things running, I imported more than 80 users. Any content edited or created needs approval from 1 publisher, meaning you can create or edit a page and approve your own stuff. Future users might be placed in a more restrictive group for their first few edits.

If you did not receive a email or think I forgot you, send me a pm or email if you want a user created.

Among the content that would be interesting seeing are spritesheets, tutorials of all sort, ROM hacking FAQ, newbie FAQ, game data/code, hack list, patch list, hack review/walkthrough, tool list, links or anything you think is relevant. Right now I've only created two pages in a "ff3" and "ff6a" namespace. I suggest you read the dokuwiki documentation for all functionalities or if you got interrogations. There is no real layout on how we want the wiki as long as it is organized.

Let's hope that with time it grows into a useful resource!


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