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Return of the Dark Sorcerer
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Magitek Research Facility
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Magitek Research Facility
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Opera House Rehearsal Room
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Dragons' Den
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Magitek Research Facility
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Magitek Research Facility
Infinite Item glitch

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Forum Announcements

Happy new year 2016!

Well after a few months of work, the new layout is finally here!  Hello

First, if you have problem login, delete your ff6hacking.com cookies. This should solve your problem.

The site will be slow the first time your enter it because it loads various stuff in cache such as the fonts used. The new layout has been developed by testing with recent Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers, so there might be problems with Opera and phone browsers, which will have their own solution soon enough.

New functionalities mentioned in the update thread have been implemented. First, you can set alerts via the userCP for various things such as quotes, thread replies and more. There is also the possibility of doing a mention by typing "@" followed by the username you want to mention. This will create a profile link in the post and the user can have an alert for this if he has set the option for it.

There is also more smilies (and maybe even more to come) and there's an imgur button to upload (small) images in the post editor (typing window).  Victory

Another great feature is the tag feature, which can be entered by the thread creator. The thread creator (or site staff) also has the possibility to input tags for older thread that have none. The profile page had an upgrade with more stats and option to leave public or private comments. We also have FF status that you can set on the main panel on Portal/Index thanks to JamesWhite.

There's also a bunch of little stuff that have been improved that I can't think of at the moment (oh yeah, there's 2000+ sprites in the avatar gallery, a music and video player).  Pummel

Of course, nothing is perfect and I kinda rushed the release in the end to meet the 2015 deadline, so there's a few half-moderate-half-easy to fix bug and other small thing I did not had the time to fix or improve. They are listed in this thread. You are invited to submit bugs, question or suggestion there as well.

Here what will follow in chronical order in 2016. I start university while working part time in a week so I hope I will have some free time for the site but most likely less than in the last few months.

2016 Resolutions  Pray

  1. Fix most if not all bug that will be in the bug thread
  2. Finish the Database (50% done) and submission page (95% done) for sprites.
  3. Install MyBB GoMobile theme for folks that visit the forum mainly on their phone (Safari & Chrome).
  4. Check desktop theme compatibility with Safari then Opera.
  5. Make different color version of the theme (at least 2). Another option would be to allow users to
    choose some main colors of the theme (background, blue containers, quotes etc...).
  6. Get back to the Monster Expansion Editor
  7. Work on my hack!
  8. More forum goodies along the way if I feel like it (most likely yes).

Enjoy your stay!  :hurry:


In the cheerful spirit of Christmas, I thought of a fitting poll:
Which FF death were you the most affected by/care the most about, and why?


Which Final Fantasy has the best ending? Which was the most memorable for you? Which one did the game the most justice in terms of beating an epic final boss and giving you that sense of completion, leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?

Here they all are in massive spoiler-form if anyone would like to refresh their memory:


How Many Physical Copies of FF6 have YOU owned in your life-time? And to make it more fun, how and when did you achieve them?
Re-releases count! (GBA, Phone, PSX, etc.)


If you could have control over just one kind of magic IRL, like this powerful mage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHqGGo3ZKmM
which would YOU choose and for what purpose in mind?

1) Wind/Air
Summon huge gusts of wind, fly around...

2) Earth
Create mountains, move giant boulders...

3) Fire
Burn it down...burn it ALL down...

4) Ice
Go snowboarding anytime, instant cold beer...

5) Water
Part the waters like Moses, become a super-fireman...

6) Darkness
Summon the dead, cause mental anguish...

7) Lightning/Electricity
Shoot bolts of lightning, free energy source...

8) Time
Speed up or slow down time...

9) Healing
Heal diseases and cure injuries...

10) Other


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