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Return of the Dark Sorcerer
RotDS v2.4 download

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Magitek Research Facility
NPC Event Bit List

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Magitek Research Facility
NPC Event Bit List

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Opera House Rehearsal Room
Music Promotion Thread?

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Dragons' Den
Antinomia: FF6

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Magitek Research Facility
Espers teaching Stat gains

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Magitek Research Facility
Infinite Item glitch

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We don't often promote products but this might (or might not) get your attention. John Harris released a romhack e-book (with no DMR) reviewing 50 hacks and translations. He is a gamer with no step into the ROM hacking scene when he started the book writing. I had a discussion with him about FF6 romhacks and the volume two will have an article on RotDS and another article will be made on BNW for sure, in volume one he told me (if I remember right).

His book is part of a game books summer bundle available here, it seems you pay what you want to get one book and for 15$ you unlock more books. You still have 18 days to order volume 1. If your wallet can allow it it could be a good reading. In doubt you can tweet to the author and ask his which hacks are discussed exactly.

Order: http://storybundle.com/games

author's twitter page: https://twitter.com/rodneylives

[Image: bundle.png]

Posted by: madsiur - Forum: Announcements

There's a few things that are happening right now:

1) First as of today, everyone can post threads in the IPS Patches sub-forum. This was a thing a while back and was then restricted. We realize now that it might prevent certain users from posting their work. You can now "submit" a patch by making a thread. There are also submission guidelines. Patches will be somehow verified to different levels depending of their complexity and on approval of work hosted on our server. We are aware "version 1.0" of any patch might contain bugs (mines too!) so this aspect should not really be considered when submitting. I'm not saying also to not test your work Tongue

2) The patch section is also having a maintenance server wise as well as the overall FTP. This does not affect anything but in case you see a "new" image / file broken link that shouldn't be on the forum (no link should ever be broken...) it might be due to me having moved stuff and forgot to update the link(s). You can make a post in the relevant thread as notification. This doesn't concern the wiki.

3) With news like Photobucket charging money for hotlinking images, we will backup all spritesheets, monster sprites and portraits from the spriting forums on the server. So don't worry if you see one of your post containing a sprite as edited by an admin in the next few days. Following this we will make a new sprite database backup, the last one being in 2015. It will include a reorganized 2015 archive as well as all sprites since then plus other sprite I have on my Desktop PC. If you happen to still have a spritesheet that was uploaded by you or someone else that no longer has a working link / image in the spriting forum, please send it to us!

One might think a submission system or attachment option in post could be better than having to do this in the future but the first require a lot of development time I don't have and activity is not high enough to really justify one soon. We could allow attachments but as for images MyBB does not allow preview to my knowledge so as an example for a sprite you wouldn't see it in the thread but would see the filename at bottom of post.

That is all folks!


I've enabled search friendly URLs on the board. Basically they are shorter URLs which search engines prefer and are easier to type.

As an example forums/showthread.php?tid=2728 becomes forums/thread-2728.html. There are variant to this if a specific post is targeted or a word highlighted (in a search) but the concept remain the same. This is a thing only for threads and posts URLs, other forum pages are not affected neither is the wiki.

Typing the old URL format will still direct you to a valid thread / post and the URL is not converted until you navigate the site. So all existing links will still work. I did not enable this feature in archive mode because it was somehow breaking the archive. Please report anything you suspect as a bug resulting of this change (or any other bug in fact).


As some of you already know, @dn is going through a difficult period. He is is without home since a few days and he presently reside in a temporary shelter. A few members of this community and people over at NG+ decided to set up a donation period for him, because dn would like to reach a city where he know people he could live with for a transitional time and make a new start from there.

This might change but we are looking at an amount of minimum 230$ to be raised by both communities in order to pay him a bus or plane ticket. Anything extra would also go to him for extra financial support, basic commodities, cellphone bill or stuff like a bus pass once he reach his destination. This is where the word "community" take all its sense. I think anyone in this situation who has spent a lot of time helping for a hobby in an internet community would be glad he can count on the people of this community when major things happen in real life.

dn can only be in the shelter for 6 more days so we are aiming for a kind of donation blitz. Any donation made with the red button on portal and index page from now on until at least next Sunday will go to him. Please post how much you gave in this thread and I'll provide a screenshot of confirmation after. I'll keep this thread updated as the week progress.

Edit (06/02/2017): We will continue accepting donations for dn up to and including Sunday, on the ff6hacking PayPal. If you want to make a donation, but you are unable to until after Sunday, I will still accept donations for dn if you label your payment "for dn", send me a pm or email about this specification. Please note that any donations sent after today will be wired to dn in cash, since we have already reached our goal of paying for a care package and the bus ticket to Seattle.

Edit (06/28/2017): Since no new donation has been given since 3 weeks, I'm closing donations for dn officially. Even if a small amount was receive, the paypal -> bank -> western union process eat too much in fees to be worthy of using. We did good and help was given in needed time so the operation was a success.


Raised: 588$

NG+ Thread
Package bought


Hi, I am seeking web development help for our forum. Basically it's a mobile theme development project using MyBB GoMobile. MyBB 1.8 is not mobile responsive but 2.0 will be so it's not something that would be used for the next 5 years. I have no idea when MyBB 2.0 will be ready. Basically I would like someone to make a default theme for mobile with less features than the desktop browser offer, so basically only forums basic stuff. This project was started by someone in 2016 but he went MIA so you could continue the work or start from scratch if you want.

Basically the requirements are HTML, CSS and javascript knowledge. You might need PHP coding for a few things also but I could do this part. Knowledge of the MyBB template and theme system would be a big plus. This is no paid position, we are all poor and do this for the love of romhacking (or the love of volunteer web development :P).

Extra Tasks (Click to View)

After this if you want to stick there are other stuff I could consider like a submission system and a frontend / welcome page that looks more like a website than a forum portal and that we could hook to some MyBB features (such as announcements).

I request help because  my current admin role does not offer me the time to work on this or at least prioritize it. I got other tasks too and I'm a full time student and part time worker 9 months a year. I have an editor project I'd like to continue too actively so free time is missing.

Spead the word and Thanks!


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