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Patch Submission Guidelines

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As of today (07/21/2017), everyone can again post threads in the IPS sub-forum. Once verified, the archive and all files will be uploaded on our server. Here are some guidelines when posting a thread. It seems a lot but the goal is just to cover everything:

What is mandatory

A) Upload you .zip, .rar or .7z patch archive somewhere we can grab it (duh). Places like,,, or your own server come to mind.

B) Patch(es) must be in either BPS, IPS or XDelta format. You can include the patching utility with the archive if you want if it is a custom patcher you made as an example.

C) Specify somehow if your patch is for headered or unheadered ROM and version (FF3us 1.0, 1.1 or FF6j in case of the SNES / SFC version. (U), (E) or (J) in case of the GBA Advance version).

What is forbidden

A) No ROM upload.

B) No Windows, Linux or OS X script (.bat, .sh, etc.). Something like a relevant python script could be allowed but this is a case by case thing.

C) No "single sprite patch". If you want to post a spritesheet, you can make it in these sub-forums. It will be uploaded on the servers. Any user (or at least most of us) can import a spritesheet with FF3usME or FF3se. However in the case of more complex sprite work (multiple themed sprites), spritework requiring code change(s), you can submit it here in the form of an archive with both patch(es) and image(s). Other type of GFX patch are also allowed (background, compressed, animation, weapon, spell, etc.).

C) Nothing else is strictly forbidden when taken alone but as an example making a thread with little explanation such as "Here is my hack" with an archive containing a single .exe with no readme we might just delete the thread (read below for more info on .exe).

What is suggested / allowed

A) Archive should contain a readme, preferably in text (.txt) or PDF (.pdf) format.

B) Archive can contain images, preferably in PNG (.png) format. Try staying away from JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) and even more Bitmap (.bmp) formats.

C) Archive can contain relevant Assembly (.asm), Excel (.xslx), Word (.docx) or other file (excluding A and B in "Forbidden"). As for executable files, you can include your own program if you coded it. No paid or cracked utility can be included in archive. However you can include a patching utility if custom patcher but including something like lunarIPS.exe might not be the most relevant thing to do. As for open source or free utilities, you can include them if they are relevant to your work and if their license allow distribution. In case of doubt, just include a link to a public download page to grab it.

D) Thread with relevant title, at least the basic info in post, etc. The others Forum Rules apply here as well.

E) You can link hotlink (direct link) a copy of the readme or images (with forum img tag). However other files should remain in the archive.

F) Some existing threads here contain no patch but only code in a post. While this is not encouraged, it will be in the future at best acceptable depending of the case. The best thing for hack requiring some custom data or code is to include an example assembly file or example patch and post code with explanations on what need to be changed / customized. Work that require only assembly file(s) is accepted.

G) FF6 Advance and Steam version patches are accepted. Other games hacks and patches are accepted too, you can post here or in the Other ROM hacking sub-forum and same guidelines will apply there. For a complete hack, song data, AI script or Boss hack, make a thread in the relevant sub-forum.

We are aware "version 1.0" of any patch might contain bugs (mines too!) so this aspect should not really be considered when submitting. I'm not saying also to not test your work Tongue

If you fail to comply to basic submission rules or submit a broken hack, we reserve the right to temporary or permanently move the thread in Hacking Discussion or even delete it. This is really a case by case thing. However don't be afraid to submit if you think you got decent or nice work like most patches already here are.

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