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Somebody Set Us Up the ROM, Part One (romhack book) - madsiur - 08-06-2017

We don't often promote products but this might (or might not) get your attention. John Harris released a romhack e-book (with no DMR) reviewing 50 hacks and translations. He is a gamer with no step into the ROM hacking scene when he started the book writing. I had a discussion with him about FF6 romhacks and the volume two will have an article on RotDS and another article will be made on BNW for sure, in volume one he told me (if I remember right).

His book is part of a game books summer bundle available here, it seems you pay what you want to get one book and for 15$ you unlock more books. You still have 18 days to order volume 1. If your wallet can allow it it could be a good reading. In doubt you can tweet to the author and ask his which hacks are discussed exactly.

Order: http://storybundle.com/games

author's twitter page: https://twitter.com/rodneylives

[Image: bundle.png]