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Community member in need of help - madsiur - 05-29-2017

As some of you already know, @dn is going through a difficult period. He is is without home since a few days and he presently reside in a temporary shelter. A few members of this community and people over at NG+ decided to set up a donation period for him, because dn would like to reach a city where he know people he could live with for a transitional time and make a new start from there.

This might change but we are looking at an amount of minimum 230$ to be raised by both communities in order to pay him a bus or plane ticket. Anything extra would also go to him for extra financial support, basic commodities, cellphone bill or stuff like a bus pass once he reach his destination. This is where the word "community" take all its sense. I think anyone in this situation who has spent a lot of time helping for a hobby in an internet community would be glad he can count on the people of this community when major things happen in real life.

dn can only be in the shelter for 6 more days so we are aiming for a kind of donation blitz. Any donation made with the red button on portal and index page from now on until at least next Sunday will go to him. Please post how much you gave in this thread and I'll provide a screenshot of confirmation after. I'll keep this thread updated as the week progress.

Edit (06/02/2017): We will continue accepting donations for dn up to and including Sunday, on the ff6hacking PayPal. If you want to make a donation, but you are unable to until after Sunday, I will still accept donations for dn if you label your payment "for dn", send me a pm or email about this specification. Please note that any donations sent after today will be wired to dn in cash, since we have already reached our goal of paying for a care package and the bus ticket to Seattle.

Edit (06/28/2017): Since no new donation has been given since 3 weeks, I'm closing donations for dn officially. Even if a small amount was receive, the paypal -> bank -> western union process eat too much in fees to be worthy of using. We did good and help was given in needed time so the operation was a success.


Raised: 588$

NG+ Thread
Package bought

RE: Community member in need of help - BTB - 05-29-2017

Donated five dollars. It's not much, but if everyone donated just that little bit we'd hit the goal easily.

RE: Community member in need of help - seibaby - 05-29-2017

Thank you Madsiur, I'm happy to see such support from everyone.

As the coordinator of this effort, I want anyone considering making a donation to know that all of the money donated will go towards giving dn a head start on his effort to make a new life for himself. The idea is that this small gift will be a show of support in troubling times and ignite hope where things may feel hopeless.

I'm keenly aware that cyberbegging and online scams are a thing, and I want to make it clear that we will not be handing over cash. The money will go towards a bus or plane ticket first and foremost, to get DN to a safe place where he'll have the best opportunity to start a new life. Any money left over after that will be used to buy the necessities of life, such as food, clothes, hygiene products, a prepaid phone card, etc. It is unfortunate this is the way this must be handled, because everyone needs money, but I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable with donating.

To that end, I encourage all donations, whether they be anonymous or not, however big or small. Everyone's financial situation is different and we all have different priorities. Nobody will judge you on the size of your donation. Even just a few words of encouragement is helpful to someone in DN's situation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

RE: Community member in need of help - madsiur - 05-29-2017

Things are starting great! (see original post)

Next post update will likely be tomorrow after work as I'm in desperate need of sleep. Thanks to everyone who donated and those who plan to do!

RE: Community member in need of help - DrakeyC - 05-30-2017

Donation sent though it may take a few days to process since I had to transfer to Paypal.

RE: Community member in need of help - Lockirby2 - 05-30-2017

I sent $5.00. Good luck dn! It's a shame when such a talented person is hung out to dry like this.

RE: Community member in need of help - Mac68 3000 - 05-30-2017

i hope DN gets his own house soon

RE: Community member in need of help - JWhiteLXXXIX - 05-30-2017

Have donated 5 bucks, hope shit gets sorted for u soon dn, btw tis my gfs card so will say natalie Wink

RE: Community member in need of help - madsiur - 05-30-2017

New temporary total: 258$! (original post updated)

RE: Community member in need of help - DrakeyC - 05-30-2017

Adam is me. Smile