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Edgar glitches in Kefka's end speech

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C. V. Reynolds Bug-Fix Compilation and Script Fix

PowerPanda, Jan 27, 10:59 AM

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FFVI Worlds Collide

AtmaTek, Jan 27, 05:52 AM

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Finishing Off The Complete Roster Hack

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Wiki Discussion

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Edit Flare Star

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Dragons' Den

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Gau's Rage 75%

seibaby, Jan 24, 04:46 PM

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Improve Character Patches

Turbotastic, Jan 24, 03:07 AM

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Forum Announcements
Posted by: madsiur - Forum: Announcements

We made a hosting migration to a hosting with more flexibility, hence the downtime of the last few days. I think in the process there are a few posts from Friday that have been lost because the database migration was made before the forum was closed. Thanks for your understanding.

Posted by: madsiur - Forum: Announcements

Happy Holidays from the ff6hacking.com admin team! The year 2019 will mark our 10th anniversary as a community, we have a few things in mind for the occasion, more details will come as 2019 progress. If you have any idea how to make our 10th anniversary something to remember, you may suggest it here. Thanks to everyone who is part of this community and who is active on the forums or the wiki, without you all this would be meaningless.

[Image: social.png]


Beyond Chaos Gaiden is @abyssonym second FF6 randomizer, developed using his latest tools and experience. It is designed to be portable to many different versions of FF6, such as the Japanese version and Brave New World. Randomization flags include:

  • Esper allocations
  • Espers
  • Magicite
  • Characters
  • Equipment
  • Shops
  • Treasure
  • Monsters

BC Gaiden also includes an exclusive hack-and-slash mode. To play this mode, use the secret code “fanatix” in the flags section.


github: http://bit.ly/ff6grandogithub

[Image: bg01.png] [Image: bg02.png] [Image: bg03.png]


[Image: ff6msu1.png]

Dancing Mad is an Open Beta mod from insidious611 to enhance the audio of FF3us. It replaces the SPC-700 based soundtrack with CD quality audio, to the exception of one music source that use MP3s. There will be 6 configurations of OST possible in the final release, 4 that can be chosen already. Here are the 4 music sources of the possible configurations:
  1. FLACs of the official FF6 OST.
  2. MP3s of FinalFanTim's "Unreleased Tracks" FFVI Remaster project.
  3. FLACs of the OCRemix Balance & Ruin remix album.
  4. FLACs of Sean Schafianski's Final Fantasy VI Remastered project.

While the project is still open beta, there are only one or two minor bugs that prevent an official final release. Recently support has been added to work with the music player patch and the TWUE hack. This project could be used as a base by any FF6 hacker that wish to have a MSU-1 version of his hack. Obviously if wish to add different songs to the game you'd have to modify the PCM songs library to match your hack but this is less more trouble than current way to do music hacking.

Official thread: http://bit.ly/ff6msu1

Download: http://bit.ly/ff6msu1-github

Demo: https://youtu.be/Cy4d5n6lHsQ


A major update to FF6: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition has been released. Corrections and fine tuning of the script were made including a new opera scene script. Some bugs were fixed, including a character walking through a wall, and the Sketch bug finally being correctly fixed. In addition, the Bug-Fixes version now includes a large list of bug fixes available that fix some of the worst bugs in the game. A Bug Fix Compendium has been added to document all of the changes and tweaks made in the game.

Some song title were also corrected in the music player. Also, to help everyone that wonders what name changes were made to items and monsters, lists are now included to give players an understanding of where the names come from.

FF6: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition is a great way to experience FF6, especially if you want your experience to be faithful to the original game while having the major corrections and overhauled script.  

Download v2.06

[Image: twue21.png] [Image: twue22.png]


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