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Magitek Research Facility
Restoring Woolsey in credits

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Zozo Pub

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FF5 Hub
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Player Characters/ NPCs
Shovel Knight Mona and Hyperdimension Neptunia Blanc

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New years eve 17 hour stream

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Forum Announcements

Short Story Contest Winners!

We had a really good turnout for the Short Story Contest! In total we received nine entries and it was an absolute joy to read them all! In the end I picked two winners, with a combination of insight, relevance, and writing accuracy; these two stories stood above the rest. As much as I enjoyed reading all of the entries, some had several errors spell-check could have caught, while others were left a little open-ended but were otherwise very compelling. The writers for the contest had some great insights and thoughts into many characters in FF6, both primary- and side- characters, and I encourage people to share their work! In fact, I will be making a fan-fiction thread where people can post their own works for feedback/discussion. So keep an eye out for that.

Without further adieu, here are the winners!
(story titles were by me, as neither entry had one.)

Cyan's Victory by Lockirby2

I loved this story because it blended story elements with game mechanics seemlessly. Everything seemed so plausible and retold the story with a new air that made me fall in love with the scene in front of Doma. It's hard to re-tell a story well, and Lockirby did an amazing job. The setup and description of Cyan's moves, without outright stating he was doing such-and-such Swordtech was so subtle, yet extremely compelling, and the moment of fridge logic when it clicked was extremely satisfying. Well done.

Stop Running by Turbotastic

Who hasn't wondered what happened to Shadow? In fact, a LOT of the entries were about Shadow. But this one I felt wrapped everything up in a nice little bow. The characterization of Strago and Relm were spot-on (even Gungho just seemed right), and I think Shadows decisions line up perfectly with his story line from the game. Shadow needed to die; be left behind... and Clyde needed to live again. I could go on-and-on about Shadow and Baram and Relm and Thamasa and Interceptor, but I won't. Instead, read this and think about how great a game FF6 was and how great a character Shadow was. Great job Turbo!

The winners have had their entries be the first creations added to the Contest Winners section of the wiki, where we will be keeping exceptional work from the community as we continue to do other creative events in the future.

Happy Hacking!


It is with a real joy that we are welcoming B-Run as a new staff member! After being a helpful person in many threads and leading the 15th man project, B-Run (formely Edrin) is now leading the community side of the Forums with is weekly streams and other projects such as the text-edit contest. He also not too long ago announced the revival of his hack, Children of Vector, which should have a community side via his streams.

Speaking of the text-edit contest, it is getting really interesting: https://www.ff6hacking.com/forums/showth...p?tid=3277

You have until July 6th to submit your entries. If you don't feel like registering just for this, you can send your entries via twitter or Facebook as well!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ff6hacking
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ff6hacking


Who is your personal favorite (non-major villain) NPC in the game? Please feel free to explain why.

1) Arvis
2) Professor Cid
3) Owzer
4) Duncan
5) Baram
6) Kappa the Imp
7) Lone Wolf
8) Siegfried
9) Yura
10) Impressario
11) Duane
12) Katarin
13) Esper Elder
14) Madline/Madonna (Terra's mother)
15) Other


[Image: dSrxilt.png]

I have a few news to communicate. First we got a new Sub-Forum, the Returner's Hideout. It's going to be mainly a Community Hub for events, streams and challenges. B-Run is going to take care of it as the moderator. For now thread posting is limited to staff though if B-Run wants to change that, I'm all right with it. Everyone can reply to threads though. We are also slowly bringing back the calendar. I already coded a small widget that display the event(s) in the next 7 days. I'm going to finish updating the real calendar before Tuesday.

You probably also noticed the forums reordering and renaming. It was mostly done to regroup similar sub-forums with little activity. Name changes were purely cosmetic.

Finally I added 130 new songs to the music player. About 40 were already there in other playlists so that leaves ~90 really new ones. They are regrouped by album. There's new music for all style but mainly the SQ series is to dance, swing and rock.

Enjoy! Frog


Is it...

- Locke getting sick on the ship?
- Kefka's classic Son of a Submariner line?
- Crazy old man (Gau's father) ordering Sabin around?
- Dressing up Gau?
- Setzer yelling at Cid inside the airship?
- Stealing the merchant/soldier's clothes?
- The M-M-M-M-MAGIC!? scene?
- Ultros throwing Sabin into the Lete River?
- Siegfried being defeated after 1 hit?
- Turning the lights out in the Opera House?
- Gau making fun of Cyan's speech?
- Soldiers dusting off Kefka's boots?
- Mog ordering Umaro around?
- Botching the Opera Scene?
- Other?


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