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Well, another year has come and gone and the holidays are once again upon us...  Time certainly does fly when your having fun! We here at ff6hacking would like to wish everyone a happy holidays, and an amazingly wonderful new year. This place wouldn't exist the way it does without each and every one of us who continue to spend time here. Thank you one and all. During this time, let's all hope to spend some quality time with family & friends and remember what's truly important in life, hopefully bettering ourselves along the way. Here's to another year of making memories and hacking our favorite game -- Cheers!


Due to the popular demand, you can now have an embed imgur gallery in a post.

Taking this url: http://imgur.com/a/1MKqm

By writing this: [imgur]a/1MKqm[/imgur]

You get this:

I had no other way really of doing it, like more simply pasting the whole url in the tag. I hope the people who requested this will be happy and will use it. More useless my code tags examples can be found on the help page!


There will be a small forum bugfix upgrade and maintenance this Wednesday starting at 8:00PM ET. Downtime should be a maximum of a few hours. The forum should be running again before midnight that day.

During the downtime, you can always find us on Discord.


It will be already two years in January 2017 that we have done the last fundraising campaign to cover our Domain Name and Hosting Fees. Two years ago people donated enough to cover 100% those fees. We are doing a campaign starting today until January 30th to raise 220$, 190$ being 2 years hosting fees and two times 15$ for domain renewal. A first 15$ was paid in September for the Domain Name.

We hope most of forum users will chip in even if only a little bit. This is a small community and it can continue being a nice place for a long time if people want to. We will probably do fundraising activities like special stream in the next weeks so keep an eye out.

Donation through paypal only are accepted. The Donate button redirect to paypal so the transaction is secure. After donating your donation may not appear right away as I need to "approve" each donation (e.g. verify my paypal account regularly).

We hope this fundraising campaign will be a success like in 2015! Frog

Edit: Campaign was a success! I'll leave donations open for a while. If we get extra money, it will go toward a better and longer hosting. You can donate here:


[Image: coin_zpsk9s1xom8.png]


Short Story Contest Winners!

We had a really good turnout for the Short Story Contest! In total we received nine entries and it was an absolute joy to read them all! In the end I picked two winners, with a combination of insight, relevance, and writing accuracy; these two stories stood above the rest. As much as I enjoyed reading all of the entries, some had several errors spell-check could have caught, while others were left a little open-ended but were otherwise very compelling. The writers for the contest had some great insights and thoughts into many characters in FF6, both primary- and side- characters, and I encourage people to share their work! In fact, I will be making a fan-fiction thread where people can post their own works for feedback/discussion. So keep an eye out for that.

Without further adieu, here are the winners!
(story titles were by me, as neither entry had one.)

Cyan's Victory by Lockirby2

I loved this story because it blended story elements with game mechanics seemlessly. Everything seemed so plausible and retold the story with a new air that made me fall in love with the scene in front of Doma. It's hard to re-tell a story well, and Lockirby did an amazing job. The setup and description of Cyan's moves, without outright stating he was doing such-and-such Swordtech was so subtle, yet extremely compelling, and the moment of fridge logic when it clicked was extremely satisfying. Well done.

Stop Running by Turbotastic

Who hasn't wondered what happened to Shadow? In fact, a LOT of the entries were about Shadow. But this one I felt wrapped everything up in a nice little bow. The characterization of Strago and Relm were spot-on (even Gungho just seemed right), and I think Shadows decisions line up perfectly with his story line from the game. Shadow needed to die; be left behind... and Clyde needed to live again. I could go on-and-on about Shadow and Baram and Relm and Thamasa and Interceptor, but I won't. Instead, read this and think about how great a game FF6 was and how great a character Shadow was. Great job Turbo!

The winners have had their entries be the first creations added to the Contest Winners section of the wiki, where we will be keeping exceptional work from the community as we continue to do other creative events in the future.

Happy Hacking!


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