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Divergent Paths Released! - madsiur - 10-19-2017

FF3 - Divergent Paths is a new hack in development for around a half year from new-to-the scene hacker PowerPanda. It is a storyline and event hack that rewrites the "3 Scenarios" chapter of the game into a more naturally-flowing story. It starts with something simple: Edgar jumps from the raft to save his brother. From there, the divergent paths of the characters tell a unified story in 3 parts, each which foreshadows future character development.

Download v1.1

SABIN and EDGAR: The brothers wash ashore next to the military camp, and witness Kefka's poisoning of Doma. They aid CYAN, and then must travel through the Phantom Forest to get to the Nikeah ferry, hoping to deliver warning to Narshe in time.

TERRA and BANON: These two are knocked off course by Ultros, and are sent over Barren Falls. They wash up on the Veldt, where they must befriend GAU and travel the Serpent Trench so that they can get TERRA to the Esper before the Empire invades.

LOCKE: Locke infiltrates South Figaro, where he meets CELES, who is defecting from the Empire. Locke must sneak CELES OUT of South Figaro and IN to Narshe to deliver information that might save the city. SHADOW tags along for reasons that he does not disclose.

The hack was written entirely in the space of the original scenarios so that it could be easily inserted into other hacks.

Development thread: https://www.ff6hacking.com/forums/thread-3486.html

[Image: dp1.png] [Image: dp2.png] [Image: dp3.png]

RE: Divergent Paths Released! - SSJ Rick - 10-20-2017

this is really interesting looking

RE: Divergent Paths Released! - madsiur - 11-10-2017

There were a few bugs with version 1.0. Those have been corrected and I updated the download link with version 1.1.

RE: Divergent Paths Released! - Lockirby2 - 11-18-2017

Great job PowerPanda! I really hope that this gets used in a hack someday. I think it would be a great base for quite a few hacks out there.

RE: Divergent Paths Released! - PowerPanda - 11-18-2017

(11-18-2017, 09:34 AM)Lockirby2 Wrote: Great job PowerPanda!  I really hope that this gets used in a hack someday.  I think it would be a great base for quite a few hacks out there.

It was actually phase 1 of a larger project, which I am working on right now. But yes, I hope to see it used by others. I am biased, but I think I drastically improved the storytelling of that section of the game.