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10th Anniversary Contest - madsiur - 06-18-2019

For our 10th anniversary we are organizing a contest. There are two themes, pick the one you prefer. First one is "How much do you like hacking FF6" and second one is "How much do you like ff6hacking.com". You submission can be anything: A small hack, a video, a song, a poem, some pixel art, a story, etc. We are trying to make the contest as open as possible to get the most participants.

Here are the rules: You can only submit something if you have more than 2 posts as of today (users with less posts can still participate but will be excluded from winning a prize). This is to make sure the contest is mainly opened to active users. You must with your submission specify which of the two theme inspired you and you must post your submission in this thread before July 19th. This is exactly one month from now.

There will be 2 prizes: the two winners get each a ff6hacking coffee mug. I will pick the two winner on July 20th and will base my choice on the originality (something standing out) and the quality (time and effort spent) of the submission. May the best submissions win!

RE: 10th Anniversary Contest - Lockirby2 - 06-22-2019

I've got an idea that I think is pretty funny. Hopefully it pans out well. Smile

RE: 10th Anniversary Contest - PowerPanda - 06-25-2019

The following user says Thank You for ff6hacking.com:

If I could think of one thing that sets FF6hacking.com apart from other hacking websites, it's the "Thank You" button. It really is indicative of the culture that has been forged over the years here.

In other hacking websites, newbies often face derision for their lack of knowledge. For example, if you didn't know how C2/1234 became address 021434 in the rom, very few people would be willing to help you. Most of the replies would be joking about how you are in over your head, and should probably back out now. That' not the case with FF6hacking.com. One search through the forums will show the same members patiently answering that question over and over again. And then, usually, they receive a "Thank You" for it, not just from the person who asked the question, but from all of the other users who were planning to reply, but didn't need to anymore.

When I came to FF6hacking.com, I had never opened a hex editor. I wanted to make a small change so that you could change Runic to Shock via a relic. My questions were the most basic you could imagine. Rather than facing ridicule, I got help from almost everybody on the forums. Through the relaxed atmosphere here, I was able to learn. In a year and a half, I went from never opening a hex editor before to compiling the Full Roster Hack, expanding spritesheets, editing animations, re-programming desperation attacks, and doing extensive rerouting of the events in the game. This is all thanks to the amazing people here.

I cannot think of a better community to be a part of.

RE: 10th Anniversary Contest - Lockirby2 - 07-08-2019

@PowerPanda That's also one of the things I love about this community. After all, how could somebody get to the point where they're not "in over their head" without having some way to learn how to improve?

RE: 10th Anniversary Contest - madsiur - 07-19-2019

Alright, we are past deadline. PowerPanda gets a mug and I get to keep the other one.

RE: 10th Anniversary Contest - Gi Nattak - 07-19-2019

Due to some slight confusion about the exact end time...

Lockirby's submission:

...and here's my pathetic submission so I can say I participated: 

[Image: ff6hacking.png]

RE: 10th Anniversary Contest - HoxNorf - 07-20-2019

Thought I'd show why I like to ROM hack FF6 at times.
This is a summary of what your imagination can lead to.

[Image: FF6Post.png]

RE: 10th Anniversary Contest - madsiur - 07-20-2019

Those are great submissions! The 2nd mug will go to Lockirby. Thanks to everyone who submitted something!