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Funding campaign - madsiur - 02-07-2015

You probably have noticed the (ugly for now) goal bar and donate button at the top of the portal page. We are looking for contributions to help funding the forum hosting and domain name.

None of the admin have the kind of money to fund at 100% the forum, so if you are willing to help a bit it would be appreciated. Donations starts at 5 USD via Paypal. The goal is to reach 200$ within two years (february 2015 to January 2017), which would cover a two years hosting fee (167.67$) and domain name renewal twice (around 35$).

Once the goal is reached, we won't accept donations until february 2017.

Thanks in advance for the support!

*Back to fixing the ugly donate buttons and purple progress bar*

RE: Funding campaign - JCE3000GT - 02-07-2015

It's not much but I donated $5

RE: Funding campaign - Fire Storm - 02-07-2015

Every little bit counts. Thank you, JCE~

Unrelated, but I ended up stumbling across something you made on Youtube, and it absolutely brightened my day. It was that remix of Fire Scramble from Gradius 3... one of my favorite VG tunes of all time.

RE: Funding campaign - SSJ Rick - 02-08-2015

thank you JCE its truly appreciated

RE: Funding campaign - JCE3000GT - 02-08-2015

Thank you. Check out this link below if you want to download this (and other) arrangements in higher quality audio vs those YouTube videos. Smile


RE: Funding campaign - Fire Storm - 02-27-2015

After less than a month (about 3 weeks), the community raised 80% of our renewal goal, and the rest I was able to cover out of my own pocket. As of today, ff6hacking.com lives for TWO MORE YEARS! Thank you so much to everyone who helped out in our time of need. And even if you didn't contribute financially, thank you too! Your activity in this community is what keeps this place alive, and what fuels us to keep going!

For a shining new World of Balance, lets keep being the best, and pushing the boundaries and capabilities of Final Fantasy VI, as well as ourselves!

RE: Funding campaign - Lockirby2 - 02-27-2015

Thanks to everybody involved!

RE: Funding campaign - Tenkarider - 02-27-2015

Great job Wink next time i'll try to help.

RE: Funding campaign - Catone - 02-28-2015

(02-27-2015, 07:33 PM)Satoascorpion Wrote: Your activity in this community is what keeps this place alive, and what fuels us to keep going!
Well said, without the people and the activity, it would only be a fancy dictionary. Thanks folks, for your support in keeping this place alive.

RE: Funding campaign - JWhiteLXXXIX - 02-28-2015

booya! glad i helped even if it was only a little