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Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - madsiur - 04-03-2015

What is your favorite aspects of FF6 hacking? In other words, which part(s) do you enjoy hacking the most?

You can vote for more than one choice!

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - Lockirby2 - 04-03-2015

Are you talking about which parts we enjoy to hack ourselves, or which things we enjoy seeing in hacks in general?

I based my vote on the latter. This is, if it even shows up, the poll just space-time warped out of existence when I hit vote and didn't seem to add my votes to anything.

EDIT: There we go, I got it to take.

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - madsiur - 04-03-2015

I meant which part do you enjoy hacking the most. I specified it in the OP.

Now there's something broken with polls, either if the poll is not on portal page or you don't vote from portal/index page, the vote(s) won't show up.

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - Lockirby2 - 04-04-2015

Whoops, guess I didn't read that closely enough.

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - Tenkarider - 04-04-2015

I'd like to put almost everything, but music takes forever to be finished; dialogues most of the times means full game hack and so tracking down dialogues among thousands elements(and i don't know the exact position of each map dialogue in the list) ; events are great, but just thinking at moving many actors at the same time and fragmenting their queue in tons of little queue for each step... ;[
Finally the map is even more great, but i start a fight with the editor just to place properly layer 1 and 2 on a 4x4 tile piece of map Laugh

PS. while among choices i also voted spriting, inside that choice it's not included actors sprites, i definitively like most static ones, like monsters. Tongue

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - Gi Nattak - 04-05-2015

Event and music! I hope to add coding to my repertoire someday but my brain doesn't seem to grasp programming or assembly, or anything that involves that horrible four letter word: math. But, maybe someday. Coding is what romhacking is all about after all, who wouldn't wanna make their own custom skills and core changes without having to ask someone else to do it lol.

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - Blue Mage Gab - 04-06-2015

I like Animations Change, since it is fairly easy to do and the results are good in general.

Dialogue changes give a new taste to the FF6 Hacking, they make someone to not get bored of the hack.

I also enjoy changing sprites from time to time Laugh. AI Scripting is my favorite aspect of FF6 Hacking, through. I have done numerous boss hacks and custom enemies until now.
Map editing is hard for me, since the editors work kind of slow for me, but new maps are received very good among gamers. I hope I can do Event Editing someday, but I don't have the time to do this now.

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - SSJ Rick - 04-07-2015

I suppose I'm best at spriting when it comes to hacking, but I love creating custom spells as well

making recolors of monsters is pretty fun too, I've barely dabbled in event editing but I plan on getting more on board with that

RE: Favorite aspect of FF6 hacking - CrumpledMedal - 04-09-2015

For me, I like spriting because I can change the characters in a game that never really clicked with me as a kid. I liked FFIV better than FF6 but editing tools allow me to change the story and some of the characters that I am not a big fan of in the game into something useful. I also like changing dialogue to make a new story, make your own characters and give personality to them and make a new storyline.