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Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

Poll of the 50 Votes
If you could choose one antagonist or protagonist sprite to be completed and actually used in a hack as a playable character, who would it be?

Cast your vote to find out what everyone's wanting!

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

You will notice in this poll that there are now 6 options instead of the typical 3. The first and forth option means either team dominates the other with no casualties. Two/Three and Four/Five mean one of the teams win, but there is a causality in the result. You do not have to do the following, but if you choose the casualty way, please elaborate why.

Since Zemus apparent allied with Chaos, I had to pick another team so it wouldn't be 2v1 in the semi-finals in this small tournament to find everyone's favorite villain. I firmly believe that if the poll didn't have Exdeath win that Exdeath and the Cloud of Darkness would be the next team to make an alliance because of their fascination with the "Void".

So, for this next poll, think long and hard about who would win in this tag-team match!
Who would win in your opinion?

Exceptions and Wild Cards in this battle.
Cloud of Darkness is *NOT* invulnerable to all damage.
Zemus is *NOT* invulnerable to all damage.

All enemies are in their prime and can go into their final stage at will, minus the passive bonuses... like invulnerability? ie, Zemus only transforms into Zeromus once the Crystal is used on him. This is not the case for this battle.

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

[Image: kvs.png]

Above Kefka's Tower, in the clouds.

Kefka starts in his normal form where he's been imbued with Esper powers. When weakened, he can transform into god-form Kefka.
Sephiroth starts in his normal form and can later transform into his later forms.
Fallen One and Heartless Angel cancel each other out.

*Important Facts*
Since this is a FF6 hacking website and FF7 is widely known and played, I don't feel I need to tell you about these two main antagonists. We all know who Kefka and Sephiroth is.

This is an epic battle between fallen angels.
This is a FF6 hacking website, that being said, don't be bias towards Kefka. See this battle through with an open mind.

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

[Image: battlehv.png]

The Interdimensional Rift

Exdeath is *not* is in his tree form.
Cloud of Darkness is not immortal.

*Important Summed-up Facts*
Exdeaths Revelation
Exdeath (cliche name aside) was a being that was formed by people sealing evil souls within a certain tree located within "The Great Forest of Moore". After awhile this tree became sentient and called itself Exdeath. He (or it) was sealed in an alternate dimension causing the "merged world to split into two worlds by the Warriors of Dawn. He later freed himself by controlling the citizens of Planet R with the intentional of shattering the crystals. Once released, he went back to Galufs world to regain power and resume his reign of terror. Eventually, the worlds merge back into one because both sets of crystals shattering from both worlds. He then takes control of the Void and begins to send parts of the merged world into it, but only to be thwarted by the Warriors of Light.

Cloud of Darkness' Revelation
The Cloud of Darkness finally reveals herself after the death of Xande, due to the imbalance caused by him, and reveals her intention of returning the world to a state of nothingness. A battle ensues in which the Cloud of Darkness kills the Warriors of Light without difficulty, seemingly ending any resistance to Its plan.
However, the Warriors of Light are revived by their former allies and return to the World of Darkness to confront it. There, it is revealed (in the game's DS remake) by one of the Warriors of Darkness that Xande was being used by the Cloud of Darkness the entire time, and that Cloud of Darkness was the one responsible for the earthquake that almost drew the floating continent to the surface world.

At first the Cloud of Darkness is still too powerful for the Warriors of Light, but the Warriors of the Dark sacrifice themselves to weaken It, thus making her vulnerable. The Cloud of Darkness unleashes Its full power onto the Warriors of Light, but in the end, It is defeated and her plan to extinguish all life is unfulfilled.

Personal Beliefs
Both villains wish to either return the world to a state of nothingness or use the Void to consume the world.
The Cloud of Darkness seems to be collective rather than an entity, hence when she says "We shall devour your light, and use it to return this world to the Void!". She apparently has the ability to control the Void enough to bring the world to nothingness (which in my mind is a reference to consuming the world into Void).

It is my belief that the only reason that Exdeath was ever truly consumed by the Void was because of the "Warriors of Dawn". Exdeath showed that he could control the Void and mastered it by sending many parts of the world into it, slowly engulfing the world into the Void. (Cloud of Darkness would be proud!).
The Warriors of Dawn in my opinion put pressure on Exdeaths concentration over the Void, he tried to overuse his control on the Void to regain control but was consumed by it.
Much like stripping a screw, if you try to forcefully untighten a tight screw to much, it will strip.

In your opinion, how would this battle play out?
Depending on your judgement, it may turn into a two-versus-two battle in the end.

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

Pandaemonium Castle

Emperor Mateus can transform into Emperor of Hell.
Kuja can go into Trance mode.

Very Important Condition
We are not going by Final Fantasy standards in terms of how much damage one antagonist can take. If we were, the Emperor would be one shot by Kuja because of how FF2's damage system was set up. We're going off what you guys think based on hype and personal beliefs.

*Important Facts*
The Emperor
The following are very important facts to consider before voting.
Emperor Mateus (before turning into the Emperor of Hell) has the ability to summon a raging cyclone, and has. This very cyclone he summoned and controlled destroyed many towns, much like Kefka's judgement beam after he ascended into God-hood.
After Emperor Mateus is defeated, he purposely goes to Hell and defeats Satan, thus becoming the Emperor of Hell. After he decends? into Hell, he sets up his new thrown titled Pandemonium Castle on top of Palamecia.

As one would expect of the game's primary villain, Kuja is shown to be an exceptional mage. He can create Black Mages from mist using machinery and magic, and even with no outside help can summon Mistodons. He is capable of controlling monsters as well, and is shown to control an army of Silver Dragons led by the Nova Dragon, as well as the monster Deathguise that attacks Zidane's party in the Crystal World. Kuja is also largely immune to injury - even the Dragon King Bahamut's attack only barely succeeds in drawing blood from him. It is also shown that even when not in Trance, Kuja is capable of casting the extremely powerful Flare Star. This makes him one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, Black Magic practitioners in FFIX, even before he gained the ultimate power of Trance.
After entering Trance, Kuja's power increases exponentially. He knows the strongest spells of the game including Curaga, Meteor, Holy and Flare, and his strongest spell Flare Star is potentially lethal to the entire party. He is able to completely destroy Terra with Ultima, and even defeats the party with it. When Kuja casts Ultima against the party, no damage is displayed as being taken but the battle instantly ends, so it is physically impossible to survive the spell.

In your opinion, how would this battle play out?
Depending on your judgement, it may turn into a two-versus-two battle in the end.


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