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Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

[Image: battle1z.png]
Chaos final area.

Zemus can transform into Zeromus.
Chaos has the crystal to get past Zeromus invulnerable state.

In your opinion, how would this battle play out?
Depending on your judgement, it may turn into a two-versus-two battle in the end.

This is a new type of poll I'm starting where It's main antagonist vs main antagonist. One antagonist may side with the other and later down the line may fight another team who sided with each other; or, it may be as simple as a one-versues-one.
You choose! ^_^


Well we all know and love Final Fantasy, but some of the other titles, although great (for the most part @ least) not quite the classic FF u know what I mean :p

now of course we have Tactics, Crystal Chronicles, Legends (game boy), and of course dissidia just to name a few

we also have to consider X-2, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus

but lets hear what u guys think

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

Which Ultima spell did you like the most from the Final Fantasy series?
If you cannot recall them all, I've gone ahead and made a compilation of most of the Ultima variations.


Which do you feel has the best?


There are a good deal of different magic systems:

FFI- buy the spells and had a certain amount of times you can cast each level

FF2- learn them and they became more powerful as they leveled up (1mp cost Ultima ftw)

FF4- learned by leveling up

FF5- learned through jobs

FF6- Espers (mainly)

FF7- Materia

FF8- Draw system

FF9- Learned from equipment

FF10- Grid System


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