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Forum Announcements

Greetings, fellow Final Fantasy VI hackers! Satoascorpion here, takin' the spot of Zeemis, who's stepped down to pursue bigger, and better things.

The staff and I have been pretty quiet lately, because we're working on alot of the site's behind-the-scenes things. Fixing tiny programming hiccups, cleaning up and adjusting files, and tweaking a few features!

But that's not what this announcement is for. We'd like your help to spruce up the place with an updated front-page feature; screenshots! We'd like screenshots. Show us an example of your hacking skill! We want to see what YOU are capable of!

So ladies and moogles, send me, via PM; your screenshots! Below are the requirements;

  • Be Tasteful: If it's obviously offensive, lets not show it. Having a hack with offensive material is perfectly fine. But a public image specifically portraying such for the purpose of attention or shock value is just inappropriate.
  • PNG Only: At the moment, the system we're implementing will only take PNG images. Please have your image properly saved in PNG format. If it is sent to me in another format (gif, jpg, etc); I will properly convert it to a PNG myself. Someday in the future, we may accept animated gifs; but for now, we do not.
  • 256 x 224 only: 256 pixel width, 224 pixel height. This is the standard size for ZSNES screenshots, and it is what our system uses. If you don't know how to take a screenshot in ZSNES, push F1 while in-game. This will pause the game, and bring up the new menu. Go down to "Save Snapshot" and hit enter. Make sure it's set to PNG format, not BMP.

So c'mon, guys! Lets see what you're made of!

Posted by: Gi Nattak - Forum: Announcements

Hey guys and gals! I bring forth important news:

There has been a radical change in staff here at FF6hacking. Long time site owner and manager Zeemis has decided to step down from the main management role to pursue his 3d modeling career, and has decided it best to step down. We all wish him the very best and are grateful for all that he has done for this site throughout the years, as well as getting many of us interested in hacking FFVI to begin with. He will always be a welcomed member here!

We as a team have decided that the site is now the property of every staff member and that we are all on equal terms, and will share the work load. We will continue to do our best to run it as good as possible far into the future. We welcome Madsiur and Satoascorpion as full members of staff! They both very much deserve it and will help to make the site better than ever. Satoascorpion is now the elected new head of the site, so please send all messages regarding registration, login issues or any questions/comments regarding the site that you may have to him, good or bad lol.

We are aware that there is still a problem with the sprite database, and are working to rebuild it. We're also now deciding how things like contests, and screenshot of the month will continue to work or not, since that was Zeemis's thing, so please bare with us.

Look forward to a bright future here at FF6hacking!

Mike (Gi Nattak)

P.S. New members, please remember to read the Forum Rules before posting anything!

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Announcements

Global Boss Challenge!
Are you skilled at Final Fantasy VI? If so, you may be interested in partaking in this difficult challenge.
Post a video response with your wins and you'll be eligible for the following:

1st Place: Defeat All Bosses and get a first place user title, and your very own private forum dedicated to your hacking project. You can elect to give this private forum to another user if you wish.
2nd Place: Defeat "Omega and Proto-Babil" and get a second place user title on forums, select five "Square" songs of your choice to be implemented into the Final Fantasy VI hacking's forum.
3rd place: Defeat "Omega" and get a third place user title on forums, and create your very own "Poll of the Month" topic that will be displayed on the main page. Each poll lasts up to 100 votes, then switches to the next...

Misc. Notes
-This challenge will end on the last day of Febuary.
-All battles must be recorded and linked to in this thread to be considered a challenger. Do not post video reply's to the above video...
-All ties will be resolved based on whoever had the better time. In example, if player "A" beat Omega in 5:45 and player "B" beat it in 3:45, Player B would break the tie. Get the best time to win the challenge.
-Any tampering with the rom files, or saves will result in an automatic forfeit. I will be adding up each individual hit done to each of the bosses; I know how much damage each boss has and I'm aware of what abilities each character can use as well as how much an individual character can do at max for the hack being played. Do not tamper, keep it tournament legal.
-Players cannot reascend their video challenge submissions. This means if you submit your video, then someone beats yours, you cannot go back to re-record your video for a better time.
-If possible, please submit good quality videos. No cellphone videos please?

Download Information
You can find the downloads for these challenges from the following videos' descriptions.

8. Crystals of Darkness and Light

7. Emperor Gestahl

6. Emerald Weapon

5. Maenad

4. Elemental Crystals

3. Ozma

2. Proto-Babil

1. Omega Mk.IV

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

In your opinion, can your Final Fantasy 5 dream-team defeat the legendary Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy 7?
This is a poll, but lets hear how you think the outcome would go.

-Cannot use Freelancer
-See Aire Tam Storm below for information...
-Instant Death on Emerald Weapon by any means is banned.

For the sake of the differences in the magic system (Materia vs learned magic), Aire Tam Storm will deal damage based on job level.
In example, a Mastered job would take more damage than a new job; there is no materia in FF5. Just like prepping for this battle before hand in FF7 and removing all materia, you can choose to go into this fight without a mastered job. For each job class level, Aire Tam Storm will do 1000 damage.

Posted by: Zeemis - Forum: Polls

From Final Fantasy 1-10, which game had the most compelling story in your eyes, and why?
This is not about gameplay, which means it's not about the game. This poll is about the story and plot that was written for it's respective game.


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