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C. V. Reynolds Bug-Fix Compilation and Script Fix

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Just a quick "I haven't forgotten" message. I recently recovered from Covid-19 and I'm angry that there were obstacles preventing me from getting vaccinated before I became infected. But I won't get into that further here.

I have an update to this comp with the new stuff in it. It's ready, but I didn't put it up yet for one reason: It removes Siegfried and Chupon appearing on the Veldt from the comp. And I kinda wanted to release a separate patch first that would be MY version of the whole Siegfried/Chupon thing. Complete with simple new scripts for when you encounter them on the Veldt. But I've been dragging my feet, so soon I'll update the comp again anyway with the new fixes.

(It's an oversight to have Siegfried and Chupon as Rages. But the mistake lies in having them as Rages in the first place, rather than them not appearing on the Veldt. All these years later and I'm still baffled by that. Why them but not ProtoArmor? Prometheus? Mega Armor? But it's THIS game, so...)

As for the comp splitting project? Well, it's sort of... done. I've separated all the patches into categories and it's almost ready. There are only two things that stopped me from making a release of this new format:

1: I made no documentation for this. Probably shouldn't be too hard. Need to set aside some time.

2: I'm VERY unsure of my sorting. I can almost guarantee there's some mistake somewhere. I haven't checked yet to see what places in the rom the patches write to. And I'm not even sure how much that matters. I only want max compatibility with hacks.

I'll see about making a list later so I can ask for input. But if people don't expect me to vanish for months at a time at this point, I don't know what to say. :/ I won't forget, though. :3

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Hey, welcome back! Glad you're doing okay.

I've always looked at your project as the best purist oriented patch out there. We all know FFVI is a buggy, sometimes badly designed, game. I like that there's a patch out there that only aims to remove obvious bugs and errors in execution, and not veer into attempting to "correct" design flaws territory. Chupon and Siegfried being Rages and whether or not they appear on the Veldt is in my opinion, a design error, and as such things are highly subjective, I'd err on the side of purism and leave them as vanilla. My subjective opinion is that they have no business being Rages at all, unlike Pugs, the omission of which looks more like a failure in execution.

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