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C. V. Reynolds Bug-Fix Compilation and Script Fix

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Hello, everyone. Long time no see. :3

I'm still doing quite well if anyone is interested. Life could still certainly be better (and less lonely) for me, but I'm feeling pretty good now. In past years I was so depressed, and eventually came to be in such a state that I didn't care if I breathed another day. And wasn't sure whether I wanted to either. Dark times... But more than a year later I have treatment and I feel I have a future. And my writing is so much better these days, too. So things are looking up. :3

But you're really here for the UPDATE news, so here it is:

Updated: Static Icon Overflow (SilentEnigma) updated to 1.2. Also updated in the "Menu" patch in "There's Options".

Thank you! :3

And that's all for now. Not as many patches/updates these days, after all.

But Gens, I'm sorry to say I haven't been able to test what you speak of. :S I've actually never gotten triple bar Palidor in FF6. I can't even consistently roll triple bar. Maybe if I had a cheat that could pull it off I can see. Or maybe someone can tell me what time I should save state between rolling the bars and the Esper being chosen. Did anyone else test this to help? Or could they? Preferably done with only the bug-fix comp to be sure of where the issue is.

Catch you all later!
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This is amazing, and I'd like to use it (with due credit, obviously) as a base to a project I'm cooking up. Would the resulting ROM still work with editors?

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Hello there! Yes, the patched ROM will work with all the reputable editors; it (the patch) doesn't expand or relocate anything that would cause an editor to not function. It's all just a carefully arranged conglomeration of patches in which some are inline with the original code, while others take up empty/free space. I'm not 100% sure about the included optional patches, like the script edit one, but I'd imagine they'd be fine also since you'd be starting fresh.

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