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C. V. Reynolds Bug-Fix Compilation and Script Fix

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Hey, CVR. Nice to see you're still kicking, even if times aren't the best. In fact it sounds like you're having a hell of a time. If working on the patch helps you motivate yourself, that's great, but don't sweat it. The patch is good as it is and I recommend it often.

I have familiarity with depression and the feelings you describe, and your remark makes it sound like you doubt whether you're welcome or appreciated here. Sometimes when you isolate yourself for too long, you hear your depression speak and tell you nobody gives a damn. Let me tell you, I wasn't expecting or waiting for you to come around, but only because I assumed you were doing well and were just so busy with life that you didn't have time to work on modding. In my experience, when you drop off the grid for a while due to depression, people just assume you're busy and wait for you to reach out. The longer you go, the harder it can be to do so, so kudos on reaching out. Now I know how you're feeling and I'd like to reassure you, if you need it, that your work and your presence in this community is much appreciated and I myself hold you in high esteem. If you want to talk, come hang out in our Discord for a bit.
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