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Patch: Cancel Button Dash

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author: SilentEnigma

This is intended as a one-stop shop for a balanced cancel button dash feature, based on MasterZED's FF3 Dash button hack.

It uses FF3DashB + Sliding Dash as a base, and adds two new modifications:
  • The mapped Cancel button is used as the dash button rather than the fixed B button. So the patch will adapt to hacks that allow custom controls.
  • During timed challenges, the effect is modified to keep the original difficulty intact.
An earlier idea for timed challenges was to simply disable the feature during those scenes. But after seeing it in action in ROSE (Rythian's v1.2 footage), it's pretty clear that isn't going to fly. This patch uses an updated solution that should feel less jarring to play, and will hopefully remind observant players that Sprint Shoes are still useful.

For timed challenges:
  • If Sprint Shoes are equipped, additional dashing is disabled -- you just get the normal speed boost.
  • If Sprint Shoes are not equipped, dashing is allowed; however, a 4-frame penalty is applied to the timer per move, effectively doubling the countdown rate while dashing.
.zip (3.59 KB, 7 downloads)
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