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Hold Button to Advance Dialog patch

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This very small patch (2 bytes changed) makes it so that holding the 'confirm' button, normally the 'A' button, will advance dialog text, instead of needing to press it.
Credit to Feanor.
Apply to a FF3us ROM.
Header and No Header patches included.

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This is something I've been waiting for! As someone who's replaying FF6 I rarely am looking at the script anyway. Being able to more easily get through dialogue is a fantastic addition to my custom FF6 hack. There's one small issue I've found with this patch though. If I'm still holding the Confirm button when a conversation with an NPC ends the game will start another conversation with them faster than I can let go of the button. If there's a way to block a new conversation until Confirm is released and pressed again, this would be perfect.

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