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Final Fantasy III PAL-Fix hardware compatible with other translations

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Hello to all members, 

I'm searching actually to make (or find) a bug-fix to play FF3 patched with french translation on PAL real hardware, unfortunately there's a bug when the character arrive in South Figaro: some choices (item, skills, equip, relic) in the menu are not displayed correctly the background is black and the cursor is invisible... in addition we cannot see the final scene entirely... The PAL-fix made by 4Ds on Rom hacking is compatible with FF3 V1.0 and the French translation patch is for original FF3 V1.1

This bug is already present in the original FF3 usa version.

The source code for the PAL-fix was given by 4Ds with the PAL-Fix patch, it seems that the code is a very few lines, I'm sur that we can adapt that to work with a translation, is there someone could help me or give advice in this way? thanks in advance

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