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Creating a new menu window (concept)

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Good morning all! I hope you're having a good quarantine! Smile

I have a crazy idea. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but I need to ask. The Brave New World hack has a really cool menu that combines Equip and Relic into the same window. This created an additional slot on the main menu which the designer (GrayShadows) chose to put "Review"; a shortcut to an already existing menu function. It occurs to me that this freed-up menu option could instead be used for an entirely brand new window. 

I've been watching someone blind-play FF6 on Twitch, and after a few days off from streaming they would sometimes forget where they were and what they were supposed to do next. I thought it might be useful to add a menu called "Quest" that would show a brief description on your next objective. As you play through the game and turn on various event bits, those bits could also simultaneously trigger what shows up in the window.

This could alternately be used in an original hack (like the one I'm toying around with making) for side-quests. You could talk to a person in town who would ask you to collect a McGuffin from the McGuffin cave, and that NPC chat would trigger an event bit to show the request in the Quest window. Completing it could trigger it back off and make it disappear again.

Looking through the $C3 disassembly, it seems like it would be a **ton** of work. Technically speaking though, could it be done?

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Technically speaking, that would be awesome. I never did much with menus, but I've seen things tweaked and moved before. Hypothetically its all doable without rewriting the supporting code, as best as I can tell.

Could just have it check for already existing event bits to determine what needs to be displayed... honestly the biggest limitation is writing all of the descriptions for all of the quests/subquests and finding free space for it all.

Sounds like a worthy endeavor.

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Constructing the new window is actually *relatively* simple, especially if you're working on the optimised/reassemblable C3 -- I've been working on a couple of original windows for Tensei. (... which will come out of development hell eventually, if I can ever stop the scope creep.) Even if you're working on the base C3, I recommend building in optimised for testing and then backporting to work with the original C3; that's what I did for the Equip/Relic screen (in two phases, actually, going Optimised->Original and then Original->BNW).

B-Run is right, though, that the biggest issue is space. The descriptions themselves are the big things, but then there's also (if you're using more than the existing event bits) you'll need custom eventing to set your bits. (Extra event bits aren't an issue unless you're already playing around and adding things to SRAM, and even then... I mean, I got an entire additional in-line magic list for Gogo just by moving some things around, so there's definitely space there.) There's also the work of actually writing all of the descriptions.

100% doable, though, once space considerations are taken care of.

ETA: With a bit of juggling, there's even free space for at least one, possibly two or three, extra menu items, without losing any content from the main field menu.

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