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Creating a Level Cap lower than 99

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Hi all! 

   Quarantine has me back poking around with hex-editing and hacking FF3us. Still pretty new at this, but having lots of fun with HxD!

   I was looking at possibly creating a Level Cap of 25 for my hack. To accomplish this, I first used FF3usME to set the experience levels where I'd like them to be for the first 25 levels. Then for 26->99 I set the increment values to 0. Under these conditions, a character will hit level 25, and then immediately get to 99. All well and good, but I'd rather they be at 25. Then I found this in the c2 disassembly: 
(Check whether character has enough experience to reach next level, and level up if so)

C2/606D: 64 F8        STZ $F8
C2/606F: 7B           TDC            (Clear 16-bit A)
C2/6070: BD 08 16     LDA $1608,X    (current level)
C2/6073: C9 63        CMP #$63
C2/6075: B0 F5        BCS $606C      (exit if >= 99)

Using this, I changed bit $C26074 to 19, and voila! Now my characters level to 25 and stay there indefinitely! I still have two questions related to this goal.
1) The way I did it, once my characters hit level 25 they show a little over 16mil XP to next level. Is there a way to get this number to read "0" like it does when you hit level 99 in the vanilla game?
2) I'm sure this is in a different section of code entirely (and is less of a priority for me), but is there a way to get level 25 to display in the menu as level MX instead?

Thanks in advance, everyone. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions on future days. I'll keep reading previous posts as much as I can find them. They really help!

EDIT - I found the answer to the first question today: You also need to set $C360a7 to your new level cap in order for the game to show 0xp needed.

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