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(02-13-2020, 07:52 PM)doofenH Wrote: It crash because of the header, however I cannot remove the header or else other patches I applied will not work.

The patches that you applied will continue to work. The header is only required for a headered patch when you apply the patch.

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IPS patches that require a header do so because they were made on a headered rom, and so their offsets are adjusted by a set value (I think it's h200). You can remove a header to apply a patch that requires an unheadered rom, then replace the header.

Or, you can convert an IPS patch that requires an unheadered ROM to one that requires a headered ROM by using this utility:

Headerizer by LeetSketcher.

EDIT: Ninja'd. What Madsiur said, once a patch is applied it remains, header or not.
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