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FF6hacking chat

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Based on a post on Insane Difficulty, I decided to set up a chat for discussing anything with the discord application. It's web based but there is a desktop app too, which seems to be good. Admin can create other channels, we could have a #hackinghelp one as an example on the server but for now there is only the #general channel. I set up the max number of users from now to 50 but it could be unlimited too.

We have the shoutbox but it's quite limited, I haven't looked at all discord features but it seems a good alternative to IRC. Maybe it will be a successful experiment, we'll have to see. I suggest if you have hacking questions that require code posting or elaborated answer to stick to threads for now, though general help can be given in the chat as well but it isn't the main purpose of the chat (at least the purpose I see to it but feel free to talk about anything).

There is no specific rule to the chat, though obvious trolls will be banned. Pummel

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