FF3us contains a number of compressed data chunks to save space. The compression algorithm is a variation of the LZSS compression algorithm.

The decompression routine can be found at C2/FF6D there is also a perl script available to decompress and recompress chunks.

Start End Description
C0F500 C0FCFF Sprite Overlay Data (45 items, compressed, 16 + 256 bytes each)
C2686C C28A6F Title, Intro, Floating Island, & World Cinematic Program (compressed)
C4BA00 C4C007 Ending Font (compressed)
C4C008 C4F476 Ending Cinematic Graphics and Tile Formation (compressed)
C4F477 C4F6FA Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
C4F6FB C4FFFF Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D2E000 D2EBFF Battle Status Graphics, etc. (compressed)
D8D000 D8DAF1 Setzer's Airship on Fire Graphics (compressed)
D8DAF2 D8DCFF Setzer's Airship on Fire Tile Formation (compressed)
D8DD00 D8DFB7 Pointers to Magitek Train Ride Tile Graphics (29 items, 12×2 bytes each, +$7E0000)
D8DFB8 D8E5BE Vector Panorama Graphics (compressed)
D8E5BF D8E6B9 Vector Panorama Tile Formation (compressed)
D8E6BA D8E7FF Serpent Trench Palettes (compressed)
D8F000 D94E95 Title/Intro Graphics (compressed)
D94E96 D9568E Floating Island Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D9568F D99D4A Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D99D4B D9A4E4 Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D9A4E5 D9A7FF Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D9A800 D9CD0F Map Tile Properties (42 items, compressed)
D9D1B0 DDFFFF Map Formations (350 items, compressed)
DE0000 DFB3FF Map Tile Formations (75 items, compressed)
E68780 E6CD5F BG3 Graphics (19 items, compressed)
E6CDC0 E6F1FF BG3 Animation Graphics (6 items, compressed)
E71928 E7A9E6 Battle BG Tile Formations (50 items, 2048 bytes each, compressed)
E7A9E7 E962FF Battle BG Graphics (75 items, compressed)
ECE900 ECFFFF World Getting Torn Apart Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
EEB290 EEC294 World Map Clouds Graphics (compressed)
EEC295 EEC701 World Map Clouds Tile Formation (compressed)
EEC702 EED433 Setzer's Airship Graphics (compressed)
EED434 EF114E World of Balance Map Formation (compressed)
EF114F EF324F World of Balance Graphics (compressed)
EF3250 EF4845 Magitek Train Ride Graphics (variable size tiles, compressed)
EF4A46 EF6A55 World of Ruin Graphics (compressed)
EF6A56 EF9D16 World of Ruin Map Formation (compressed)
EF9D17 EFB630 Serpent Trench Map Formation (compressed)
EFB631 EFC623 Serpent Trench Graphics (compressed)
EFC624 EFCE76 Some Chocobo Graphics (compressed)
EFCEB7 EFCFB8 Airship Shadow and Perspective Graphics (compressed)
EFCFB9 EFDC4B Various Sprites (ship, esper terra, figaro, etc., compressed)
EFDC4C EFE49A More Chocobo Graphics (world map, compressed)
EFE49B EFE8B2 World of Balance Minimap Graphics (compressed)
EFE8B3 EFED25 World of Ruin Minimap Graphics (compressed)
EFED26 EFFAC7 Daryl's Airship Graphics (compressed)
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