FF3us / FF6 documentation and hacking has been going on for more than 15 years. The state of the game today being the most documented on SNES and having the most editors to make mods is due to the work of dozens of people since the early 2000's. This is a list of significant people that have passed in the scene or are still part of it and some people that helped greatly on the wiki or in general. For those that are making mods and are not included here, your presence and work is also a part of what keep the FF6 communities going on.

For specific credits on FF3us ROM map, data, data formats, scripts, algorithms and disassembly info please refer to this page. Thanks to everyone who contributed to editors, bugfixes, patches, assembly documentation, game documentation, specialized FAQs, debuggers, SNES documentation, hacks, help on different forums and wiki building.

abw - RHDN Profile

abyssonym - Forum Profile

Angelo - Forum Profile


assassin - Personal Site

Bregalad - RHDN Profile

B-Run / Edrin - Forum Profile

BTB - Forum Profile

Cklein - Archived Personal Site

Cless - Personal Site

Corundum - Archived Personal Site

Djibriel - Personal Site

dn - Forum Profile


Drakkhen - Personal Site

Everything - Forum Profile

Gau of the Veldt - Profile on

Geiger / Evil Peer - Personal Site

giangurgolo - RHDN Profile

Gi Nattak - Forum Profile

GrayShadow - Forum Profile

Hatzen08 - RHDN Profile

Imzogelmo - Personal Site

James White - Forum Profile

JCE3000GT - Personal Site

Leetsketcher - Personal Site


Leviathan Mist

Lockirby - Forum Profile

Lord Envoy - Forum Profile

Lord J - Personal Site

m06 - Forum Profile


Master Zed - Personal Site

mblock129 / Zephyr - Archived Personal Site

MetroidQuest - Personal Site


Novalia Spirit - Archived Personal Site

Poco Loco - Forum Profile

Rodimus Primal - RHDN Profile

Runelancer / Silverlance - CoN Profile

seibaby - Forum Profile

Shall - Personal Site

SilentEnigma - Personal Site

Sleepydude - Forum Profile

Synchysi - Forum Profile

Terii Senshi - Personal Site

tsushiy - Forum Profile

vivify93 - RHDN Profile

Yousei - Archived Personal Site

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