Game Specific Documentation

These are documents specific to either FF3us 1.0, 1.1, FF6j or FF6 Advance. FF3us, FF6j, FF6A or general utilities are vailable here here. We also have have text and table documents, for the SNES version they are available here and for the Advance version they are available on this page.

Title Description Author Download
FF3info V1 General information document. Contains a lot of stuff. Yousei Download
FF3info V2 General information document. Contains even more stuff. Yousei Download
FF6 disassembly WIP complete disassembly that let you build a ROM from the code Eveything Github
Banks $C0, $C1, $C3, $C5 and $D4 Map, battle GFX, menu and sound bank code. multiple download
Bank $C2 Assembly file of the battle engine. Github repository seibaby Download
Bank $C2 Additional Code v5 Cover what is not covered in assassin's $C2 disassembly. 13375K37CH3R Download
$C3 Compendium Fully commented and optional optimized bank $C3. Novalia Spirit Download
Banks $EE, $7E, $E5 World engine and decompressed block banks. Novalia Spirit Download
Banks $C0, $C1, $C3 Outdated versions of the asm code hosted by Imzogelmo. Imzogelmo Download
$7E5000 code Fully relocalable code (title screen and opening credits) abw Download
Relocalable ASM code Bank $C2, $C1 (incomplete) and intro code used for a Spanish translation . magno Download
Relocalable $C3 Code Bank $C3 code used for a Spanish translation. magno Download
FF6j Disassemblies Banks $C3, $C4 and partial $C2 for ff6j. dn Download
Event bits Document Event bits list. Novalia Spirit Download
NPC Event bits Document NPC event bits list. Fast Moon Download
FF6 SPC core code FF6 SPC core code. Novalia Spirit Download
Commented FF6 SPC core Commented FF6 SPC core code. Github repository m06 Download
Cless Guide Contain various data format though some of its content is outdated. Cless Download
FF3us Ending Names Explains the format and list the name data used for the ending event. Madsiur Download
Battle Animations Scripts Disassembly of the animation scripts. Everything Download
Battle Event Scripts Disassembly of the battle events (with dialogues). Madsiur Download
Battle Event Scripts Disassembly of the battle events and battle events animations. Everything Download
Sound Effect Scripts Disassembly of the sound effect scripts. Everything Download
Song Scripts Disassembly of the song data. Everything Download
FF3us Music Chart Chart of the music notes in hex used by the music data. MetroidQuest Download
Restrict Esper Source Code used to restrict Espers by characters, used notably in BNW. Synchysi Download
Lina Darkstar's Translation Made to bring some dialogue closer to their Japanese meaning. Lina Darkstar Download
Event Editing tutorial Document to help people new to event to make their first steps. xJCSx Download
Event Command Doc Document explaining event commands and how to use them. Lockirby2 Download
Event Command List List of all event commands. Imzogelmo Download
Event Dump Event document detailing all events of the game. Imzogelmo Download
Palettes Document Palettes events allocation guide. RuneLancer Download
Menu/Shop OAM Info OAM data breakdown for menu/shops (palettes and sprite poses). B-Run Download
BTB's FF6 docs Info on unused captions, battle scripts, S&T flags, hardcoded indexes and interior zone maps. BTB Download
Weapon Animations Database Document detailing weapon animations. latest version DrakeyC Download
Misc Data NPC data, event triggers, chest data, entrance event pointers. Imzogelmo Download
FF6 Offsets Detailed ROM map but somewhat outdated by the current wiki one Geiger Download
Patch Allocations Outdated document detailing usage of patches. Last updated in 2011. Imzogelmo Download
Title Description Author Download
Bank $C2 Anything regarding combat system and more. terii senshi, assassin Link
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