Data at $D8F000 will be decompressed to $7F0000

Start End Scene Description
7F0000 7F0940 Magitek Graphics for Magitek Armor (walking through snow)
7F0940 7F0D40 Magitek Tilemap for Magitek Armor walking?
7F0D40 7F1BC0 ?? ??
7F1BC0 7F33C0 Intro Tilemap for Clouds, Cliffs and Narshe (BG1, 64×64)
7F23C0 7F2BC0 Magitek/Intro Tilemap for Cliffs, Narshe and Clouds (BG1, 64×64)
7F33C0 7F37C0 Intro Graphics for clouds
7F37C0 7F53C0 Intro Graphics for animated clouds with lighting
7F53C0 7F63C0 Magitek/Intro Graphics for clouds
7F63C0 7F75C0 Magitek/Intro Graphics for Cliffs and Narshe (4 bpp)
7F75C0 7F7930 Magitek Graphics for Credits Alphabet (2 bpp)
7F7930 7F7B30 Intro Tilemap for Fire inside logo? (32×32)
7F7B30 7F81E0 Intro Graphics for Fire inside logo (2 bpp)
7F81E0 7F83E0 Intro Tilemap for Fire again?
7F83E0 7F8BE0 Intro Graphics for Fire again?
7F8BE0 7F8DE0 Intro Tilemap for FF Logo?
7F8DE0 7F9EF0 Intro Graphics for FF Logo mask over fire
7F9EF0 7FA870 Intro Graphics for copyright license
7FA870 7FAEA8 Intro Graphics for lightnings
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