DUMMIED maps are usually not usable with FF6LE. Those labeled as FREE TO USE can be used in hacks.

ID Description
000 World of Balance, World Map
001 World of Ruin, World Map
002 Serpent Trench, World Map
003 “On that day…“
004 Shadow's Dream 1
005 Mog's Explanation
006 Blackjack, Upper Deck (general use)
007 Blackjack, Inside
008 Blackjack, Back Room
009 “Choose A Scenario”
00A Blackjack, Upper Deck (IAF sequence)
00B Falcon, Upper Deck
00C Falcon, Inside
00D Falcon, Roof, Landing on Kefka's Tower
00E Chocobo Stable, Outside (WOB, forested)
00F Chocobo Stable, Inside
010 Chocobo Stable, Outside (WOR, forested)
011 Falcon, Upper Deck
012 Narshe, Northern Cliff, Intro
013 Narshe, Town, Beginning (WOB)
014 Narshe, Town (WOB)
015 Narshe, North of Town, Beginning (WOB)
016 Narshe, Snow Battlefield (WOB)
017 Narshe, Northern Cliff (WOB)
018 Narshe, Weapons Shop
019 Narshe, Armor Shop
01A Narshe, Item Shop
01B Narshe, Relics Shop
01C Narshe, Inn
01D Narshe, Pub
01E Narshe, Elder's House
01F DUMMIED - Chocobo Stable
020 Narshe, Outside (WOR)
021 Narshe, Outside, North (WOR)
022 Narshe, Outside, Battlefield (WOR)
023 Narshe, Outside, Northern Cliff (WOR)
024 Narshe, Mines Cart Rail Rooms (WOR)
025 Narshe, Mines Battle Room (WOR)
026 Narshe, Mines 1 (WOR)
027 Narshe, Outside, North, Beginning
028 Narshe, Mines 1, Beginning (WOB)
029 Narshe, Mines 1 (WOB)
02A Narshe, Mines Esper Room, Beginning (WOB)
02B Narshe, Mines Esper Room, Empty (WOB)
02C Narshe, Moogle's Room (WOR)
030 Narshe, Mines 2, From Secret (WOB)
031 Narshe, Mines Checkpoint (WOB)
032 Narshe, Mines 2 (WOB)
033 Narshe, Mines Battle Room (WOB)
034 Narshe, Moogle's Room (WOB)
035 Cave to Figaro Castle, Room 2
036 Figaro Castle, Submerging
037 Figaro Castle, Outside
038 Figaro Desert, Kefka & Troops
039 Figaro Castle, King's Bedroom
03A Figaro Castle, Throne Room
03B Figaro Castle, Inside
03C Figaro Castle, Library
03D Figaro Castle, Basement 1
03E Figaro Castle, Basement 2
03F Figaro Castle, Basement 3
ID Description
040 Figaro Castle, Engine Room
041 Figaro Castle, Treasure Room
042 Figaro Castle, Regal Crown Room
043 Figaro Castle, Outside, Nighttime
044 Cave to South Figaro (WOR)
045 Cave to South Figaro, Rooms
046 Cave to South Figaro (WOB)
047 Cave to South Figaro, Entrance
048 Cave to South Figaro, Room 2
049 Cave to South Figaro, Room 1
04A South Figaro, Outside (WOR)
04B South Figaro, Outside (WOB)
04C South Figaro, Inn/Relics
04D South Figaro, Arsenal
04E South Figaro, Pub
050 South Figaro, Chocobo Stable
051 South Figaro, Rich Man's House
053 South Figaro, Basement 1
054 South Figaro, Basement 1 Clock Room
055 South Figaro, Item Shop
056 South Figaro, Duncan's House
057 South Figaro, Basement 1 Monster Room
058 South Figaro, Basement 1 Save Point
059 South Figaro, Basement 2
05A Cave to Figaro Castle, Entrance (WOR)
05B South Figaro, Dock (WOR)
05C Cave to Figaro Castle, Room 1
05D Sabin's House, Outside
05E Sabin's House, Inside
05F Mt.Kolts, Entrance
060 Mt.Kolts, Outside
061 Mt.Kolts, Outside Bridge
062 Mt.Kolts, Outside Vargas Area
064 Mt.Kolts, Cave
065 Mt.Kolts, Exit
066 Mt.Kolts, Cliffs
067 Mt.Kolts, Cave Save Point
068 Narshe, School
069 Narshe, School, Adv. Battle Tactics
06A Narshe, School, Battle TacticsNarshe, School, Environmental Science
06B Returner's Hideout, Entrance
06C Returner's Hideout, Inside
06D Returner's Hideout, Rooms
06E Returner's Hideout, Inn
06F Tunnel to Lete River
070 Lete River
071 Lete River Cave
072 Gau's Father's House, Outside
073 Gau's Father's House, Inside
074 Military Base Camp
076 Military Base Camp 2
077 Doma Castle, Outside (WOB)
078 Doma Castle, Outside Poisoning (WOB)
07A Doma Castle, Inside
07B Doma Castle, Cyan's Room
07C Cyan's Dream, Doma Castle, Outside
07D Cyan's Dream, Doma Castle Rooms
07E Duncan's House, Outside
07F Duncan's House, Inside
ID Description
080 Ending, sky with birds
081 Ending, Phantom Forest
082 Gau's Father's House, Outside (WOR)
083 Phantom Forest 1
084 Phantom Forest 2
085 Phantom Forest 3
086 Phantom Forest 4
087 Ending, mountain bridge
088 Phantom Train, Docking Station 4
089 Phantom Train, Docking Station 2
08A Phantom Train, Docking Station 3
08B Phantom Train, Docking Station 1
08C Phantom Train, Outside 2
08D Phantom Train, Outside 1
08E Cyan's Dream, Phantom Train, Outside
08F Cyan's Dream, Phantom Train, InsidePhantom Train, Inside 1
090 Phantom Train, Engineer's Room
091 Phantom Train, Restaurant
092 Mobliz, Outside during Light of Judgement
093 Phantom Train, Inside 2
094 Mobliz, Basement 2, After Phunbaba 1
095 Phantom Train, Inside 3
096 Phantom Train, Inside 4
097 Phantom Train, Inside Rooms
098 Mobliz, Basement 2Waterfall Cave
099 Waterfall Cliff
09A Mobliz, Outside (WOB)
09B Mobliz, Outside (WOR)
09C Veldt Shore
09D Mobliz, Inn
09E Mobliz, Arsenal
09F Mobliz, Relics
0A0 Mobliz, Mail House
0A1 Mobliz, Item Shop
0A2 Mobliz, Basement 1
0A3 Waterfall Entrance
0A4 Veldt Cave to Waterfall
0A5 Veldt Waterfall
0A6 Nikeah, Outside
0A7 Veldt Shore
0A8 Nikeah, Inn
0A9 Nikeah, Pub
0AA Nikeah, Chocobo Stable
0AB Shadow's Dream 2, Phantom Forest
0AC Serpent Trench Cave 1
0AD Mt.Zozo, Outside Bridge
0AE Mt.Zozo, Outside 1
0AF Mt.Zozo, Outside 2
0B0 Mt.Zozo, Inside
0B1 Mt.Zozo, Cyan's Room
0B2 Mt.Zozo, Cliff
0B3 Ending, Relm, Shadow, Strago
0B4 Mobliz, Basement 2, Before Kefka Fight
0B5 Mobliz, Outside, Before Kefka Fight
0B6 Crazy Man's House, Outside
0B7 Crazy Man's House, Inside
0B8 Nikeah, Ferry (WOB)
0B9 Kohlingen, Outside (WOB)
0BA Kohlingen, Outside (WOR)
0BB Ending, Rapids
0BC Kohlingen, Inn (WOR)
0BD DUMMIED - Kohlingen
0BE DUMMIED - Kohlingen, Arsenal
0BF Kohlingen, General Store
ID Description
0C0 Kohlingen, Chemist's House
0C1 Maranda, Flower Girl's House (WOR)
0C2 Kohlingen, Rachel's House
0C3 Jidoor, Outside
0C5 Jidoor, Auction House
0C6 Jidoor, Item Shop
0C7 Jidoor, Relics
0C8 Jidoor, Armor Shop
0C9 Jidoor, Weapon Shop
0CA Jidoor, Chocobo Stable
0CB Jidoor, Inn
0CC Owzer's House, Basement
0CD Owzer's House, Art Room
0CE Owzer's House, F1
0CF Ending, Cyan 1
0D0 Ending, Umaro, Mog 1
0D1 Ending, Gogo 1
0D2 Ending, Gau 1
0D3 Cliff, Setzer waits for Darill
0D4 Ending, Falcon flying through sky
0D5 Esper World, Lake
0D6 Esper World, Outside
0D7 Esper World, Gate
0D8 Esper World, House
0D9 DUMMIED - boat dock
0DA Zozo, Outside
0DE Zozo, Inside House
0DF Zozo, Terra's Room
0E4 Opera House, Theater
0E5 Opera House, Switch Room
0E6 Opera House, Theater Play 2
0E7 Opera House, Theater Play 1
0E8 Opera House, Ceiling
0E9 Opera House, Castle Balcony
0EA Opera House, Main
0EB Opera House, Dressing Room
0EC DUMMIED - Opera House
0ED Vector, after Magitek Factory
0EE Imperial Castle, Cranes Activating
0EF Vector, Outside
0F0 Imperial Castle
0F1 Imperial Castle, Outside Roof
0F2 Vector, Inn
0F3 Vector, Weapon Shop
0F4 Vector, Pub
0F5 Vector, Armor Shop
0F6 Vector, Healer's House
0F7 Imperial Castle, Inside
0F8 Imperial Castle, Banquet
0F9 Imperial Castle, Bedroom
0FA Vector, Outside, Burning
0FB Ending, Cyan, Mog, Gogo 2
0FC Ending, Setzer
0FD Ending, Umaro 2
0FE DUMMIED - Magitek Factory
0FF Ending, Edgar and Sabin
ID Description
100 Ending, Falcon taking flight from Kefka's Tower
101 Ending, Locke and Celes 1
102 Ending, Shadow, Strago, Gau 2
103 Magitek Factory, Room 1
104 Magitek Factory, Room 2
105 Magitek Factory, Room 3 (Espers)
106 DUMMIED - Magitek Factory
107 Magitek Factory, Elevator
108 DUMMIED - Magitek Factory
109 Ending, Terra
10A Magitek Factory, Room 4
10B Magitek Factory, Room 5 (Save)
10C Magitek Res. Facility, Room 1
10D Magitek Factory, Minecart Dock
10E Magitek Res. Facility, Room 2 (Number 042)
10F Magitek Res. Facility, Espers
111 Zone Eater's Stomach, Room 1
112 Zone Eater's Stomach, Room 4
113 Zone Eater's Stomach, Room 6 (Gogo)
114 Zone Eater's Stomach, Room 2
115 Zone Eater's Stomach, Room 3,5
116 Narshe, Umaro's Cave 1
117 Narshe, Umaro's Cave 2
118 Narshe, Umaro's Lair
119 Maranda, Outside (WOR)
11A Doma Castle, Outside, Abandoned
11C Kefka's Tower, Inside From Guardian
11D Maranda, Inn (WOR)
11E Maranda, Weapon Shop (WOR)
11F Maranda, Armor Shop (WOR)
120 Kefka's Tower, Guardian's Room
121 Kefka's Tower, Junk Room
122 Kefka's Tower, Inside from Factory Room
123 Kefka's Tower, Inside 2
124 Kefka's Tower, Inside 3
125 Kefka's Tower, Factory Room (Top Level)
126 Darill's Tomb, Outside
127 Darill's Tomb, Basement 1
128 Darill's Tomb, Basement 2
129 Darill's Tomb, Basement 3
12A Darill's Tomb, Staircase
12B Ending, Thamasa, Repairing burned house
12C Kefka's Tower, Inside 1
12D Kefka's Tower, Assassin Room
12E Tzen, Outside (WOR)
12F Tzen, Outside, Before House Collapse (WOR)
130 Tzen, Item Shop (WOR)
131 Tzen, Inn (WOR)
132 Tzen, Weapon Shop (WOR)
133 Tzen, Armor Shop (WOR)
134 Tzen, Inside Collapsing House
135 Tzen, Relics (WOR)
136 Phoenix Cave, Big Lava Room, Drained
137 Pheonix Cave, Big Lava Room
138 Phoenix Cave, Main Room, Drained
139 Phoenix Cave, Main Room
13A Cyan's Dream, Three Stooges
13B Pheonix Cave, Outside Entrance
13C Cyan's Dream, Magitek Caves, Outside
13D Cyan's Dream, Magitek Caves, Inside
13E Cyan's Dream, Phantom Train, Inside 1
13F Cyan's Dream, Phantom Train, Inside 2
ID Description
140 Albrook, Outside (WOB)
141 Albrook, Outside (WOR)
142 Albrook, Inn
143 Albrook, Weapon Shop
144 Albrook, Armor Shop
145 Albrook, Item Shop
146 Kefka's Tower, Room with Movers
147 Albrook, Pub
148 Kefka's Tower, Atma's Room
149 Albrook, Ship Deck
14A DUMMIED - Kefka's Tower, factory
14B Kefka's Tower, Outside
14C Kefka's Tower, Gold Dragon Room
14D Kefka's Tower, Kefka's Lair 1
14E Kefka's Tower, 4Ton Switch Room
14F Kefka's Tower, Inside from Central Group
150 Kefka's Tower, Inside from Eastern Group
151 Thamasa, Outside, at Leo's Grave
152 Thamasa, Outside, Kefka attacks
153 DUMMIED - Thamasa
154 Thamasa, Outside (WOB)
155 Thamasa, Outside (WOR)
156 Thamasa, Arsenal
157 Thamasa, Inn
158 Thamasa, Item Shop
159 Thamasa, Elder's House
15A Thamasa, Strago's House
15B Thamasa, Relics
15C Thamasa, Inside Burning House
15D Kefka's Tower, Broken Capsules
15E Cave in the Veldt (WOR)
15F Kefka's Tower, Red Carpet Rooms
160 Kefka's Tower, Three Switch Room
161 Kefka's Tower, Left Statue Room
162 Kefka's Tower, Kefka's Lair 2
163 Floating Continent, Save Point
164 Fanatic's Tower, Level 2
165 Fanatic's Tower, Level 3
166 Fanatic's Tower, Level 4
167 Fanatic's Tower, Entrance
168 Fanatic's Tower, Level 1
169 Fanatic's Tower, Roof
16A Fanatic's Tower, Treasure Room 2
16B Fanatic's Tower, Gem Box Room
16C Fanatic's Tower, Treasure Room 3
16D Fanatic's Tower, Treasure Room 4
16E Fanatic's Tower, Treasure Room 5
16F Fanatic's Tower, Treasure Room 1
170 Esper Cave, Statue Room
171 Esper Cave, Outside 2
172 Esper Cave, Outside 1
173 Esper Cave, Outside 3
174 Esper Cave
175 Floating Continent, Destruction
176 Imperial Base
177 Imperial Base, House
178 DUMMIED - Imperial Base
179 Overhead View of World Map
17A Mountains Destruction
17B Cave to the Sealed Gate, Room 1
17C Cave to the Sealed Gate, Basement 1
17D Cave to the Sealed Gate, Basement 3
17E Cave to the Sealed Gate, Basement 2
17F Cave to the Sealed Gate, Save Point
180 DUMMIED - Cave to the Sealed Gate, Basement 4
181 DUMMIED - Cave to the Sealed Gate
182 Grasslands Destruction
183 Highlands Destruction
184 Sealed Gate
185 Floating Continent shadow cast above Jidoor
186 Floating Continent, Breaking Apart
187 Floating Continent, Outside
188 Floating Continent Breakaway 1
189 Cid's Island, Outside
18A Cid's Island, Inside House
18B Cid's Island, Beach
18C Cid's Island, Cliff
18D Cid's Island, Beach, no fish
18E Ancient Cave 1
18F Ancient Cave 2
ID Description
190 DUMMIED - Cid's Island, Beach
191 Hidon's Cave
192 Hidon's Cave, Entrance
193 Ancient Castle, Inside
194 Ancient Castle, Outside
195 Ancient Castle, Eastern Room
196 Kefka's Tower, Pipe Room
197 Kefka's Tower, Factory Room (Bottom Level)
198 Kefka's Tower, Final Room
199 Kefka's Tower, Guardian Path Save Point
19A Colosseum
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