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Patch: Battle Dialog Page Break

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This patch adds a new page break function ($03) for the big battle dialog captions.
When the function is invoked, the displayed text clears, and the remaining text continues from the top of the dialog window.

Script hackers may find this useful if they want to use the quoted text format of the PS1-era FFs -- It helps to avoid the appearance of unmatched quotation marks for captions longer than three lines. (I also recommend pairing with the Auto-Indent patch for field dialog captions.)

The hack comes in two variants:
  • Variant A: Keeps the original left/right margin widths
  • Variant B: Reduces left/right margins for more usable text area
If using FF3usME, add a hex entry <$03> after a pause <P> to get the full effect.

Full disclosure: This uses an unfortunate 20 bytes of the rather precious free space in the $C1 bank. So a bit of surgery may be required to get it working with some hacks.


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