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Patch: Auto-Indent

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author: SilentEnigma

This patch adds an automatic indent feature for field dialog quotations.

Any line that begins after an opening double quotation mark is indented by 4 pixels, until there is a closing double quotation mark (or until end-of-page).

[Image: auto-indent.png]

Script hackers who prefer the caption format used by PS1-era FF titles can now more easily accomplish the same for FF6.

The hack comes in two variants:
  • Variant A: Uses the original left/right margin widths
  • Variant B: Uses thinner left/right margins (pictured above)
Battle dialog captions are not affected.
(Battle captions are awkward for quotes in their own way -- check out Battle Dialog Page Break here for one solution.)


.zip (3.08 KB, 12 downloads)
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This patch is all kinds of awesome. Made clarifying dialog by speaker a piece of cake, which would otherwise have eaten roughly 6x the script space.

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