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[Patch] Relics Damage

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Download: Relics Damage

The patch allows the three relics (atlas armlet, earring and hero ring) that raises physic or magic damage to stack up. Each individual relic will contribute with 25% damage bonus based if the attack is physic or magic. Any combination of the three relics can be used, and the bonus damage will sum up.

Because technical reasons and balance, only the relics are checked in the patch for their 'raise physic damage' and 'raise magic damage' flags. All other equipment (weapon, shield, hat and armor) are ignored for the related flags, even if the flags are active.
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I was just looking into Relic balancing today, and came across the discrepancy with the Earrings vs. the Atlas Armlet. I thought I was going to have to code this myself. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

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