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[Patch] Relics Damage

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(12-23-2022, 03:23 AM)HatZen08 Wrote: I updated the patch with the mentioned fix. You can download it here: Relics Damage 1.1

Hmm... looking at my notes, my working version still has some differences with what was posted. Here's what I have in the Update Damage section of the ASM. The 3 changed/new lines are marked with a "!!!"

   ;update damage -------------------------------------------------------------
       ADC $11B0           ;add bonus damage with actual damage
!!!    BCS .skip_cap      
!!!    CMP #$FFFF        
!!!    BCC .skip_cap        
       LDA #$FFFF          ;maximum damage
       STA $11B0           ;save damage
I don't totally remember why I needed to make that change. I do remember it was necessary though.

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I optimized the code of your fix. Thecnically my fix is different from yours but they functionally are the same. Sorry, I couldn't resist the need to reduce the code size by a few bytes.  Smile
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