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[Patch] Relics Boost

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Download: Relics Boost

The patch allows the creation of new relics which are variants of the 'hyper wrist' relic. They can raise vigor, magic, stamina, speed or any combination of the four attributes. Each relic will contribute with 25% of the attribute boost, and the boosts will stack up by relic.

It is necessary to edit the 'field' byte of the new relics and setup the boosts flags. The bits associated with the byte are:
    -   $01 charm bangle effect
    -   $02 moogle charm effect
    -   $04 (new) raise magic
    -   $08 (new) raise stamina
    -   $10 (new) raise speed
    -   $20 sprint shoes effect
    -   $40 ?
    -   $80 ?

The raise vigor flag are the same flag used by the 'hyper wrist' relic.
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