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Sound Effects Breakdown

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Here is relevant info on sound effects, courtesy of Everything.

There are actually two different types of sound effects, the "game sound effects" and "system sound effects". The game sound effects are the ones in the sound effect scripts (C5245E-C53C5D) and they are the ones used with the event command F4 but also in other places like spell casting. They are listed on the wiki. The second set of sound effects are used for the cursor sounds. The scripts for these are stored in the SPC RAM at $17FF-$1880. There's only 8 of them.

The first category of sound effects have 2 tracks per SFX, hence the 512 pointers (C5205E-C5245D). That allows them to combine two different sounds together. When a SFX is played the sound engine mutes the music in channel 7 and 8 to play it. The sound effect scripts are exactly the same format as the song scripts. However, they don't use the same BRR data as the songs. Instead they use a set of much simpler BRR data that is loaded into the SPC at all times. These simpler BRR samples can be found at C51EC7-C52015. Unlike the rest of the BRR data which gets copied to the SPC when a song loads, these get copied to the SPC when the game starts up. As an example if you look at Slam Shuffle, you'll notice that it uses the sound effect BRR data, hence the sort of buzzy quality that the song has.

Everything also made a complete disassembly of the SFX scripts, available here. He also produced a song data disassembly. While most music command were already documented it is good to have a reference that breakdown the songs command by command. These two new documents are hosted on the wiki on the FF3us Document page.

On a side note, FF6Tools already has a SFX script editor and it might be ported to the web editor Everything is coding.

I guess what is left is making a wiki page with the SFX script commands, updating the ROM map with missing info if any, looking into those SFX BRR samples and actually edit or try expanding sound effects!
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