Sound effects are played with event command: F4 XX

Index Sound Effect Listen
$00 Lore casting sound
$01 Casting black magic spell
$02 Casting white magic spell
$03 Esper summoning
$04 Running Footsteps / Escaping
$05 Ultima
$06 Earth Breaking
$07 Haste
$08 Palidor
$09 Scan's “target” sound
$0A Rasp's first sound effect
$0B Rasp's second sound effect
$0C Shiva
$0D Miss
$0E Ramuh
$0F Siren
$10 Bum Rush
$11 Alexandr (part 1)
$12 Alexandr (part 2) Also used when prts of Floating Continent drop
$13 Second half of Flare
$14 Phoenix (In battle)
$15 Thundaga
$16 Fire 1
$17 Ice
$1B First part of Cold Dust
$19 Fire 3
$1A Meteor
$1B Item from a pot
$1C Air Anchor being fired
$1D Imp (part 2)
$1E Phoenix Down
$1F Demi (short)
$20 Poison
$21 Constant punching / Pummel
$22 Bio
$23 Starlet
$24 X-Zone
$25 Terrato
$26 Ifrit
$27 Sraphim (part 1)
$28 Rising Sun throw
$29 Cure (part 2)
$2A Healing spell (part 1)
$2B W-Wind
$2C Door Open
$2D Monster Death
$2E Sword Stab
$2F Life 2
$30 Ringing Alarm
$31 Flare (part 1)
$32 Soul Out (Part 2)
$33 Punch
$34 Blizzard (part 2)
$35 Dispel (Break spell)
$36 Ice 2 (part 1)
$37 Ice 2 crystalization (part 2)
$38 Slow
$39 Muddle / Confuse
$3A H-Bomb (part 1)
$3B Carbuncle
$3C Shoat
$3D Bolt 2
$3E Pearl
$3F Merton
$40 SwdTech Activation
$41 Calmness (the Instant Death attack Sleep uses when it dies)
$42 Fire 2
$43 Bolt 1
$44 Runic
$45 Shell
$46 Esper disappears
$47 Quick (Part 1)
$48 Safe
$49 Wrench throw (Repo Men, Unseelies, etc.)
$4A Chainsaw
$4B Chainsaw
$4C Life
$4D Ice 3
$4E Death (spell)
$4F Lagomorph
$50 Shock
$51 X-Fer
$52 SwdTech Stunner
$53 Break (Part 1)
$54 The ending of Cleave
$55 Kitty (Desert Dance move that hastes the party)
$56 Boomerang
$57 Mantra
$58 Sleep
$59 Tapir (part 1)
$5A Runic activation
$5B Steal
$5C Green Cherry
$5D Fenrir
$5E El Niño
$5F CleanSweep
$60 A blunt impact (Used when the Merchant in South Figaro hits the wall, or a few times when Sabin fights Duncan)
$61 Sketch
$62 Fire/Ice/Bolt Beam (Part 1)
$63 Bio Blaster
$64 Fire Dance
$65 Retort
$66 Bio Blaster
$67 Discord
$68 Lifeshaver
$69 Plasma
$6A Jump sound
$6B L? Pearl (part 1)
$6C TekBarrier
$6D Shiller
$6E Acid Rain
$6F Slash
$70 Slimer
$71 Delta Hit
$72 Merton (partial)
$73 Sandstorm
$74 Goner
$75 Land Slide
$76 Rage (Forest Dance attack)/Inviz Edge (much louder though)
$77 Haste/Hastega (partial)
$78 Magitek Armor moving
$79 Aqua Rake
$7A Elf Fire
$7B Flash Rain
$7C AuraBolt
$7D Cure 2
$7E Snare
$7F Odin
$80 Bahamut
$81 Bismarck
$82 Drill
$83 Chocobop
$84 Quasar
$85 L4 Flare (Part 2)
$86 Crusader
$87 Rippler
$88 Diffuser
$89 Burning House falling apart
$8A AutoCrossbow(on hit)
$8B Claw Slash
$8C Generic rod hit
$8D Cards
$8E Cards
$8F Confuser
$90 Magitek Missile
$91 Needle attacks, like Blow Fish
$92 Phantom Train Whistle
$93 Stone (Part 1)
$94 Generic Dagger hit/Shuriken hit
$95 Net
$96 Switch hitting noise
$97 Dog Barking
$98 Noise made when bridges change in Cave to the Sealed Gate/Chest moving in Cyan's dream
$99 Same as 98, but further away
$9A Ground breaking
$9B Shock Wave (Part 1)
$9C Atomic Ray (Part 1)
$9D Step Mine (Part 1)
$9E Regen/Antidote/etc.
$9F Flash
$A0 Shield Block
$A1 Imp Song
$A2 Gravity Bomb
$A3 Blaster
$A4 Generic Sword Slash
$A5 Earthquake
$A6 Open treasure chest / Switch
$A7 ?
$A8 Generic spear hit
$A9 Umaro's body slam
$AA ?
$AB ?
$AC ?
$AD ?
$AE ?
$AF ?
$B0 Force Field
$B1 Part of Blizzard (enemy attack)
$B2 Mind Blast
$B3 Tritoch zapping Terra (1st battle cutscene)
$B4 Southern Cross
$B5 Landing on the floor (after someone jumps)
$B6 Will of the wisp sound
$B7 Flare Star
$B8 Whistle
$B9 Terra leaving after she first transforms
$BA Falling Down
$BB Stepping on large floor switches (Ebot's Rock, Kefka's Tower, Phoenix Cave)
$BC Revenge
$BD Maduin
$BE Enemy being cut in half
$BF Buy/Sell sound used in shops
$C0 Pidgeon tweet
$C1 Start battle (mosaic)
$C2 Parry/Blocking spell
$C3 When you first meet Esper Terra in Zozo she runs around and makes this noise a few times
$C4 Espers transforming themselves into Magicite
$C5 Curing somebody in the menu
$C6 Blitz noise
$C7 Fell hard on the floor
$C8 Funny little whistle sound
$C9 Reverse Polarity
$CA Stray Cat jumping
$CB Curaga (Part 2)
$CC Noise plays when you “catch” the glimmering light at the security checkpoint
$CD Kefka's Laugh
$CE Splash
$CF Golem
$D0 Applause and a whistle by the Opera house audience
$D1 Save point ding
$D2 Wave Cannon
$D3 Tek Laser (Part 1)
$D4 Blue guy rises out of ground moves
$D5 Big Guard
$D6 Blizzard Fist
$D7 Bubble Attacks (Like Intangir's Sleep. Plays multiple times during these moves)
$D8 Noiseblaster
$D9 “Wark!” “Kweh!” Chocobo chirp
$DA Flail/Morningstar (the weapons)
$DB A blunt impact (like when Celes runs into the door of the opera's dressing room, or Sabin pounds the table during Gau's cutscene in Jidoor)
$DC Dance (Part 1)
$DD Plays when you fail the opera house.
$DE Mine cart screeching along tracks (after Number 128)
$DF Elevator sound
$E0 ?
$E1 Auction house buzzing over the 1 000 000 gil bid
$E2 Same as Raise sound effect (4B), but only plays half the length
$E3 Thunder at the Sealed Gate
$E4 Landing after jump attack
$E5 Revivify
$E6 Knocking on door
$E7 Nothing
$E8 Huge Footstep (Phunbaba's)
$E9 Recovery Spring
$EA Draining water (In Serpent Trench and Phoenix Cave)
$EB Rain
$EC Heartbeat
$ED Train Starting
$EE Cure in menu
$EF Boss sound
$F0 Distant Boom
$F1 Zap Charge
$F2 Boss Death
$F3 Dice Thrown
$F4 Engulf
$F5 Fighting
$F6 Big Earthquake
$F7 Close big near
$F8 Demi
$F9 Mog “Kupo!” / Dance (part 2)
$FA Dice 2
$FB Screams before cutscene with Kefka
$FC Control
$FD Nothing
$FE Nothing
$FF Nothing


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