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sound distortions

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when i was inserting music manually, i noticed that even when setting the intruments to "nothing" in the spc editor i am still getting a scratching instrument.  i was trying to add battle 3 from ff mq and replace dancing mad 3 because the length was less than the latter and i set the excess values to 00.  how do i fix this issue where the instrument distortion disappears? never mind the right instruments, which require trial and error. this background effect is that glitched sound.

correct me if i am wrong, but dancing mad 3 (song $50) begins at 09AE9F with a length of B1A so replacing the music would begin at the same address.  the tune sounded correct but the instrument was still off.  how do i fix this and is there an oversight on the address?  the file did not have a "p" listed.

update: i found the issue. it seems the scratching noise occurs when the sound channel is set to "nothing." I am not sure if the patch is required however. still, what i don't understand is the offset value beings one byte sooner where the song length initially begins at 09AE9E where other songs that does not seem to be the case.

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