Offset Description
D0/9842 Battle Intros jump table (to D0/987B - D0/9B90 based on Actor)
D0/9BB4 Kefka during terra's flashback, before locke joins the party
D0/9C26 Biggs/Wedge/Terra with Tritoch
D0/9E77 Biggs/Wedge with the Whelk
D0/9EE5 Edgar & Locke see Terra cast magic for the first time
D0/A1AA Sabin jumps after ultros in Lete River
D0/A49D Sabin appears on the fight with Vargas
D0/A6B4 After Vargas hits Sabin with Death Sentence
D0/A6FB After Sabin uses pummel on Vargas
D0/A71A Kefka during the sealed gate, “I feel so anxious!”
D0/A751 Locke steals clothing from a soldier in South Figaro
D0/A7D1 Locke steals clothing from a merchant in South Figaro
D0/A851 Shadow Leaves the party Randomly
D0/A8C4 Celes & Locke vs. TunnelArmor, Locke's Scenario
D0/A8D1 Terra vs. Tritoch (She morphs for the first time)
D0/A9F1 Gau appears on the Veldt after a monster battle
D0/AA21 Gau is fed some Dried Meat?
D0/B421 Gau runs away after you hit him once, before he joins in sabin's scenario
D0/B4BA Kefka during the sealed gate
D0/B610 Espers fly through the sealed gate
D0/BA24 Airship event after Terra opens the sealed gate (Airship crashes into Maranda)
D0/BD7B Relm joins party during Ultros's third encounter in Esper Mountain
D0/C133 Kefka kills Leo in thamasa
D0/C382 Espers break through the sealed gate to go to Thamasa
D0/C51D Unknown battle event
D0/C7D8 Kefka vs. Esper in thamasa
D0/C838 Kefka vs. Gestahl, Floating Continent
D0/CD9E Kefka vs. Sabin at imperial camp
D0/CE84 Kefka's Text, Final Battle
D0/CEF0 Victory Dance jump table (to D0/CF24 except for Kefka [Actor $17])
D0/CF45 Wrexsoul text, Cyan's Dream
Offset Description
D0/987B Terra
D0/9894 Locke
D0/98C4 Cyan
D0/98F4 Shadow
D0/991B Edgar
D0/993B Sabin
D0/9963 Celes
D0/9985 Strago
D0/99B5 Relm
D0/99F5 Setzer
D0/9A26 Mog
D0/9A61 Gau
D0/9A8B Gogo
D0/9AD3 Umaro
D0/98F4 ??
D0/9B51 ??
D0/987B ??
D0/9894 ??
D0/98C4 ??
D0/98F4 ??
D0/991B ??
D0/993B ??
D0/9B90 ??
D0/9876 ??
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