When the player faces a specific coordinate and press the A button, an event is actived. Generally, the coordinate has a chest tile and the actived event gives an item.

Description Value
Base offset (SNES) $ED82F4
Block size $02
Number of blocks $01A0
Total size $0340

The structure is a sequence of two-byte pointers. The index of the pointer is relative to the map number.

The actual offset of the appointed data is the pointer value plus $ED8634. Unlike other similar structures, the pointers are relative to the end of the structure instead of its base offset.

The game system checks the actual pointer and the next pointer to determinate the amount of data to read. It can include multiple data blocks.

Offset Description
$00 x position
$01 y position
$02-$03 chest type
$01FF Chest identifier ($1E40-$1E7F)
$F000 Contents
0: Empty
2: Monster-in-a-box (MiaB)
4: Item
8: Gold
$04 chest content (depending on type)
Empty $00
Item Item index
Gold Value * 100
MiaB Event Battle Group

If the coordinate has a closed chest tile, the tile will be changed as a opened chest after the event is triggered. Otherwise, the tile isn't changed.

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